Includes 4 Samples &  Laboratory Analysis

Why Conduct a Mold Inspection?

To determine if there is a hidden moisture problem
To identify if harmful mold is present
To conclude the extent of contamination and water damage
To protect your health and others around you

Indoor-Restore 20 years of mold inspection service

Do You Suspect Any of the Follwing?

Musty smells and odors
Excess moisture, humidity issue, or water damage
Discoloration or possible mold growth on walls
Unexplained itchy eyes, coughing, or sneezing

Our Mold Inspection Services Includes:

Comprehensive visual inspection of the property
Moisture testing with a digital moisture meter
Air and/or Surface samples collected by our certified inspector
A legal report including third-party laboratory analysis and photos

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services

We are a full-service mold inspection, mold testing, mold remediation, and water damage and restoration company that have been serving across California for over 20 years. Our unmatched services, local offices, comprehensive tests, ten-year guarantee, and competitive prices make us the best company that fits your needs. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so give us a call today so we can work together to resolve your mold problems: (877) 879-0751.

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“I just received my report which shows mold in the laundry room where I thought it would be. We are having them come out to remove the mold in a few days. I am so glad I was paying attention. Luckily it is only in the laundry room. Indoor Restore was so wonderful. They took a lot of time with me and I am extremely grateful. Thank you!”
Nell B. (Yelp)
“We had a great experience with Indoor Restore. We noticed a stain on our ceiling that turned out to be mold. While finding mold is never great, we called Indoor Restore to come do an inspection of our home and they truly took care of us!”
Dani DeVaughn
“It was an easy, uninvasive procedure that did not take long and gave understandable results. I really appreciated the full packet of information I received to explain the issues we had and could do to resolve them.”
Kelly S.
“The technician was very good to work with. I was able to schedule him before school hours to reduce contamination from room users. The lab analysis and report came back to me within the date I was told. I do not have any complaints…..pricing, availability, services, etc. …..I feel the District got a very fair service for the price. I will be using them again.”
Doug M.
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