The Five Worst Cities for Mold Allergies

Besides the musty odor and visual blight, mold and mildew can cause a wide range of health effects. Mold allergies, for instance, can be a nuisance to people all across the nation, but research shows that some people have it worse than others. Do you live in a city with a mold allergy problem? Our [...]

Mold and Coastal Regions

Most people are unaware of certain environmental conditions that can actually lay the foundation for the growth of mold in a home or building. These existing conditions often are seen in areas near large bodies of water, as is the case with the City of Oakland in California. The specific conditions necessary for mold growth [...]

Landlord Responsibilities Regarding Mold Problems

Moving into a new home or apartment can be a daunting task on its own with lease agreements, walk-thrus, deposits, rules, restrictions and so on; not to mention the strain a move can put on an individual or family. Beyond the obvious worries of a move, what most soon-to-be tenants are not aware of are [...]

Children’s Health: Cost of Mold & Other Contaminant Exposure

For many individuals, living costs have risen so significantly that even the essentials have become quite difficult to afford. One of the more necessary expenditures is that of proper health care, and for many this has become far too costly. Families have been hit hard by this, especially for those with children to worry about; [...]

Is Indoor Mold Dangerous?

The outdoor world is full of mold. It's a bit of the circle of life in that the mold breaks down the debris and waste of nature. Unfortunately for humans, mold doesn't restrict itself to the outdoor world. It will grow virtually anywhere there is warmth and water. High humidity areas such as basements and [...]

What Causes Water Damage?

Sometimes water damage is heartbreakingly evident: a home covered in flood waters, a mudslide which spills wet earth into a property, or a hurricane that brings wind and heavy rain inside. Sometimes water damage is just an unhappy by-product of everyday life, such as when a washer overflows all over the floor or a dishwasher [...]

Testing for Indoor Mold at Home

Mold growth is a natural process which presents little problem when encountered in an outdoor environment, but many people are concerned with mold growth that happens inside. Indeed, indoor environments have less air circulation and ventilation which means that mold spore concentrations can become unnaturally high. The human respiratory system, especially when sensitive or compromised, can [...]

Black Mold and Your Health

There are thousands of different types of mold that occur in the natural environment, and only some of these types are found indoors. They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Some are toxic and some are not. Some are less common. One of the most well-known molds to get a bad reputation is toxic [...]

Black Mold Kills

Mold inhalation can be unfavorable to anyone, but being constantly exposed to mold spores in the air can do more than just cause you to develop a cough. Inhaling mold, especially on a daily basis, can not only be harmful to your overall health but in many cases it has been linked to serious respiration [...]

Mold Information Articles

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