Mold growth is a natural process which presents little problem when encountered in an outdoor environment, but many people are concerned with mold growth that happens inside. Indeed, indoor environments have less air circulation and ventilation which means that mold spore concentrations can become unnaturally high.

The human respiratory system, especially when sensitive or compromised, can become overloaded when attempting to handle large quantities of mold spores floating through the air. Mold spores reproduce and become airborne which is why breathing issues can become magnified when mold is present in the home. The elderly and young are particularly prone to respiratory issues. Some types of mold are also toxic to the touch and certainly are problematic if they become ingested through casual handling. This may be of particular concern if children, especially toddlers, are present.

For these many health and safety reasons, it is important to be aware of potential mold growth in your home, work place, or school environment.  Some mold growth can be evident, but often it is hidden or in hard-to-access locations. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Often, people procrastinate addressing mold issues. However, mold is unlikely to simply go away, and tends to get worse over time. Of course many people don’t know where to start and wonder how to test for mold in the house. At home mold testing should be done by a professional who has all the tools, equipment, expertise, and laboratory resources to do a thorough and complete house mold test.


The CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) are both very clear in their warnings about the presence of mold inside the home.  They stress that mold should not be allowed to colonize, that is, grow and spread, within indoor structures. Should this occur, then the mold must be thoroughly removed. They also emphasize that anyone who works around mold must be protected when doing so. Since most people are not equipped or willing to ensure these safe practices and procedures are followed when working with mold growth, professional mold inspectors should be utilized.

Mold inspection and mold testing are just some of the services offered by Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, who can be contacted at (866) 358-3838 or The website is a helpful resource to increase your mold knowledge and connect you with experts in the field. Testimonials are also included which reassure you that these mold problems can be solved.

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Once a thoroughly trained inspector arrives at your property site, he or she will begin a comprehensive visual inspection of the property. When indicated, surface samples will be collected for laboratory testing and an IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) test can be performed. These tests will identify the presence of mold and other contaminants which may be harmful in your indoor environment. Mold inspection and mold testing is customized to the needs you have, but Indoor-Restore strives to be as thorough as possible. 

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The company is certified annually by the nationally-recognized Indoor Environmental Association (IEA). They also have certifications through the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization.

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If mold remediation is recommended, the company is prepared to purify the indoor air, completely remove mold and its odors, and even provide anti-fungal mold prevention to inhibit future problems. The mold remediation services come with up to a 10 year warranty, which eases your mind for some time to come in terms of mold reoccurrences. Your health is important and worth protecting. Let the professionals at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services ensure that the indoor spaces where you spend your time are as contaminant-free and clean as possible.