Mold removal and mold remediation in Agoura Hills, CA is important because not only does it damage buildings and homes, it can also substantially disturb the health of the occupants and residents. There are over 100,000 types of mold that can grow and form colonies.

The Pacific Ocean is located just 20 miles away from Agoura Hills, CA, giving the city a constant influx of moisture. The average humidity of 80% and the damp weather conditions make Agoura Hills, CA susceptible to mold growth and the need of mold removal.  This southern California city was just recently incorporated in 1986; however, homes and buildings may have wet areas concealed in the dark that have been extant for quite some time, allowing dormant mold to thrive over the years. Mold is usually unnoticeable by residents or occupants of a property and can virtually grow anywhere: behind walls, under floors, and in hard-to-reach areas. Mold removal is recommended for areas that are highly susceptible for mold growth.

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Any instance of water damage within the property can create environments that stimulate mold growth and the need for mold removal and mold remediation. Flooding rarely occurs in Agoura Hills, CA; however prolonged periods of heavy rain can result in floods at intersections and roads, eventually seeping into homes and buildings. The water that permeates into the property can create wet areas inside and slowly deteriorate the walls and floors. Poor plumbing and leaky roofs also contribute to the damp conditions indoors where mold tends to grow or thrive. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services offers mold removal, leak detection, as well as water damage repair and mitigation. Air purification and filtration services are also offered to remove any spores released by the mold.


Prolonged exposure to any of these molds can result in allergies, respiratory problems, and external or internal infections. Other molds release poisonous mycotoxins into the air, which can put all the inhabitants in danger. In order to prevent these health hazards, it is essential to contact a professional environmental company to test, identify, and remediate the molds as soon as possible. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services provides the necessary personnel and equipment to inspect the situation and mold remediation procedures to ensure the safest and highest quality of mold removal.

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Our mold remediation process is not hidden from you. In fact, we value communication with our clients and contact them regularly on the progress being made. Our process includes analyzing the premises: checking for mold and moisture problems, inspecting air ducts, and investigation of complaints by tenants. Our mold remediation methods are planned based on your property’s condition and what you are comfortable with being used in your property.

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We provide specific materials and personnel to guarantee maximum effectiveness on each unique situation of mold removal. Mold remediation includes maintenance of the property, drying of wet areas, disinfection of contaminated items, and discarding materials that are completely unsalvageable. Anti-fungal treatments are then used to prevent future occurrences of mold. We will put in our best efforts to remediate the affected areas as safely and quickly as possible in your Agoura Hills, CA property.

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Our company’s main goal is to assess, sample, and remediate all your mold-related problems. We investigate and identify all sources of moisture and water damage in Agoura Hills residence that have been causing mold growth. Samples are then taken to assist our consultants and technicians in selecting the best method to contain and remove the mold from the indoor environment.


Finally, we safely remove and clean, mold contaminated and damaged areas. A clearance test is conducted, in which air and surface samples are sent to an arbiter laboratory, after mold remediation in order to verify that the Indoor-Restore’s mold remediation was successful.

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Our company provides professionally trained technicians, as well as specialized equipment and treatments for any mold in the Agoura Hills, CA area. A 10-year warranty on all mold removal and mold remediation services is also given to our clients, pledging that molds remediated in areas by Indoor-Restore will not appear again. We also offer other mold remediation services such as deodorization and anti-fungal treatments.

If you live in Agoura Hills, CA and greatly desire mold removal and mold remediation for your property, call Indoor-Restore Environmental Services at our local Agoura Hills number: (760) 266-5088. An online Contact Form is also available for your convenience.  A complete compilation of all of our mold removal and mold remediation services is also on our website.

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