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The minimum humidity and temperature that mold can begin to grow in is 60% and 39 degrees. That means Alhambra’s average humidity of 80% and average temperature of 66 degrees makes the city ideal for mold to cultivate indoors and outdoors. This small city has been around for over a century, so there are a fair amount of older buildings and dwellings. These properties may have hidden water damage, which can form an environment for mold to thrive on.

You may need mold inspection and mold removal services as the origins of mold within the property is usually unknown by the occupants or residents. Mold can grow behind walls and cupboards, under floorings, and in crawlspaces.

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Mold Removal Services

Our project managers follow a 5-step removal/remediation procedure when dealing with mold contamination.

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Water damage is usually caused by extended periods of rain, weak plumbing systems, and faulty roofs. If any water seeps into a property, indoor areas can become favorable environments that trigger mold cultivation. Fortunately for you, Indoor-Restore Environmental Services can help identify and repair water damaged areas. We have technicians who can detect leaks and water damage.  Air purification techniques are also used to filter out any additional mold spores in the air. Indoor-Restore’s specialty is in mold removal and mold remediation for properties in Alhambra, CA because of the excessive moisture from water damage and weather conditions.

If not properly treated, molds can become extremely pernicious. Mold not only deteriorates properties, but human and animal health as well. Molds release spores and allergens into the air. Extensive exposure to these contaminants can cause weakened immune systems or infections. Other molds can release harmful mycotoxins; if these poisons are inhaled or ingested, lung and respiratory complications may arise. We highly recommend mold removal and mold remediation to prevent any serious injuries caused by mold growth.


If you or someone you know suffers from these mold-related symptoms, it is crucial that a professional environmental corporation be contacted to identify the sources of mold in your Alhambra, CA property. To prevent the mold from reappearing, mold removal and expert mold remediation must be done.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services guarantees safe and quality procedures for mold remediation for all Alhambra, CA residents. We administer professionally trained staff and specialized equipment. Our goal is to ensure that mold and mildew is eliminated completely from the area and will not return. In fact, Indoor-Restore follows an explicit five-step protocol for effective mold removal and quality mold remediation. This protocol consists of the following steps:

Containing contaminated areas and using a HEPA filtration to remove and trap mold spores and allergens that are floating in the air
Removing damaged and tainted material from the premises
Treating affected areas with biocide to disinfect surfaces and prevent mold growth
Applying an anti-fungal encapsulate to seal the surfaces
Decontaminating the entire work area one last time to ensure complete removal and prevention

Indoor-Restore promises to communicate with you regularly during the mold remediation process of removing mold. It is important to us that our clients are aware of what is going on within their home or building. The mold remediation process selected will be based on the specificity of your property in the Alhambra area, as well as your comfort level on what is used in your property. We provide state-of-the-art equipment and educated, certified personnel in the local area of Alhambra and surrounding areas to ensure the highest quality of mold removal.

Remediation includes the following: conservation of the areas, drying of sodden items, sterilization of contaminated areas, elimination of materials that cannot be salvaged, and mold removal. After remediation, a clearance test is conducted. Air and surface samples are tested by a third party laboratory to validate the success of Indoor-Restore’s remediation process.

If you currently reside in Alhambra and are in need of mold removal and remediation services, call Indoor-Restore at our toll-free number 1-866-356-8433.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has been in the mold industry and certified by the Indoor Environmental Association for over 20 years. Our extensive experience in mold remediation allows us to confidently offer all of our Alhambra clients a 10-year warranty, guaranteeing that any areas remediated by Indoor-Restore will not find mold reappearing. We also provide specialized technicians and safe, affordable solutions to treat the environmental problems within your property in Alhambra. Our other mold removal and remediation services include odor removal, air purification, and anti-fungal treatments.

You may submit an online Service Request Form. A complete list of all our mold remediation and repair services is on our website for your convenience. If you are not currently experiencing mold problems, please keep Indoor-Restore in mind for possible future needs of mold removal.

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