Local mold inspection and mold testing service is important to Indoor-Restore. We service the entire Antioch area and have a good understanding of regional needs. Your well-being is important.

Antioch is one of the few Bay Area communities to have major river access. A mix of water, warmer temperatures, and possible fog and dampness, are important considerations to keep in mind when thinking about mold growth. Antioch’s own Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a professionally certified mold inspection company that services any mold needs you may have. Indoor-Restore does complete mold inspection and testing, as well as treating areas of mold, if found.

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If you notice a mildew smell or any sign of mold growth, do not hesitate to call our professional mold inspection and mold testing services. You should also call if you have any water damage or flooding. In less than 48 hours, mold growth can begin and with ideal conditions, mold can proliferate rapidly. All of our inspectors come with property mold inspection, construction, or other related backgrounds and are highly trained and certified through the Indoor Environmental Association.

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Since mold can be a toxic contaminant, affecting skin, lungs, and other organs, inspectors have the proper tools and clothing to handle a complete inspection. Visual mold inspection is done around the property, and our employees know where to look for hidden damage or mold growth.

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We use state-of-the-art industry methods and can check Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We do surface swabbing, dusting, or taping to indicate the presence or absence of mold. All of our mold inspection sampling work is sent to an independent, third-party laboratory to confirm results and give you the assurance of thorough and complete findings. All of the mold inspection and mold testing results will be explained to you in an easy-to-understand manner by one of our employees. If any mold is discovered, you will be given recommendations and next step opportunities for complete mold removal and remediation.

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Since mold growth stems from water sources, our inspectors also look for leaks and moisture issues around the property. We use a digital moisture meter as a tool to measure excess moisture. We carefully look at areas around windows and doors to determine outdoor water intrusion into indoor living spaces.


Within the home, we look for leaking around plumbing and focus on kitchen and bathroom areas where moisture usage is high. A thorough inspection of possible water sources and recommendations for any necessary adjustments is an important part of any mold inspection service.

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To ensure that there are not future problems with mold, keeping water out of indoor spaces is vital. This is especially important to any property owners living near the San Joaquin River.

Taking a preventable health risk is never advisable and having mold in your indoor environment is a definite health risk to you and anyone who visits your property. We hope you will call us when mold concerns arise and look forward to servicing your needs.

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Schedule your mold inspection by Antioch’s finest experts!

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The large suburb community of Antioch, California, known as a gateway city to the Delta, may see its share of water sports and boating today, but at one time it was all about coal. Antioch’s history dates way back to 1850, when it was named Smith’s Landing, and a number of coal mines were worked and a thriving industry established. Residents also dabbled in copper mining and petroleum, as well. The Antioch post office was opened in 1851 and the long-running Antioch Ledger first published the local paper in 1870. A trip to the Black Diamond Mines Regional Park can give the visitor a vivid, in-depth look at this bygone era of Antioch history.

Antioch is located right on the San Joaquin River. In fact, there is a municipal marina, as well as other private marinas, and fishing spots. The area has a moderate climate, but can get fairly hot in the summer. As an important commuter community on the fringes of the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay region, many people flock to the area for housing that is affordable in the high-priced Bay Area market. The nearby BART station offers convenient access to many work locations from the area.

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