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Located on the legendary old Route 66, Arcadia, California, has an interesting history. The Santa Anita Park racetrack, home of Thoroughbred horse racing since 1934, was used as a Japanese internment center during WWII. With its proximity to Hollywood, numerous movies (such as Seabiscuit) and television shows have been filmed here. In 1937, the first McDonald’s restaurant was established in the area on Huntington Drive (formerly US Route 66). The mostly Asian population has continued to increase since a long overdue 1965 Supreme Court ruling that insured all properties in Arcadia could be sold to anyone, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

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The well-to-do suburb of Arcadia, located at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, has an excellent public education system, especially the top-rated Arcadia High School. The 111 acre Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden is a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary located in the city that attracts numerous visitors.

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Substantial improvements and renovations have been ongoing at Methodist Hospital. Originally opened in 1957 when it moved to Arcadia, the hospital continues to meet the health needs of the community. At one time, it also housed a School of Nursing. Communities that are involved in extensive remodeling projects often experience environmental concerns, particularly mold found in older building materials.


Be assured that for any property, commercial or residential in Arcadia, CA, Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has the expertise to completely address problems with mold removal and mold remediation. For those who are remodeling or interested in purchasing a property, it is important to contact an industry-recognized and professional mold removal and mold remediation services company. Our technicians are completely certified and trained in mold removal and mold remediation techniques, so that you don’t have to concern yourself with the health hazards involved.

Our mold removal process is time-tested and thorough and will completely remove contaminated materials. In fact, as long as the cause of the mold formation has been eliminated (such as a plumbing leak), our mold removal and certified mold remediation work is backed by a ten-year guarantee. The mold removal and mold remediation process is a scientific and detail-driven process.

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First, a negative air environment, or vacuum-type chamber, is created by partitioning off and isolating the mold-affected area. A plastic chamber will be created to contain the work area; air will be removed by passing through a HEPA filter to remove any mold spores that are airborne. Once a clean air environment is established, affected moldy materials will be removed. This constitutes step two of the process.

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The moldy materials may include all sorts of materials, including clothing, furniture, building materials, curtains, carpets, etc. As a third step, biocide treatment is applied to any remaining areas, surfaces, or items in the area which will kill any rogue mold spores, so that mold reproduction will be halted. Encapsulation, our fourth step, is a specialized process of painting remaining areas with a moisture-resistant barrier that includes ingredients to inhibit any future mold formation. Lastly, our technicians will decontaminate the entire work area with a combination of HEPA vacuuming, biocide applications, and HEPA filtration to pull out any mold spores that have become airborne during the entire process. We thoroughly retest surfaces and air quality in the work area. Confirmation is obtained, through lab results, and you can rest easy, knowing that you have a mold-free environment. We always provide a certificate of clearance to document our  mold removal work and give you the reassurance that a professional mold remediation process has been completed.

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