Our inspectors are ready to effectively conduct mold testing, leak detection, moisture testing, mold inspection and other condition assessment services in Bell, California.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has 20 years of industry expertise, and is a leader in the mold control industry. We provide expert indoor environmental services including mold inspection, mold testing, and addressing the environmental issues that are causing you to lose sleep at night.

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Think you might have a mold or moisture problem in your home?  There are many clues to possible mold infestation of your Bell home.  Maybe you haven’t been feeling well for a while now and can’t seem to understand why.  Maybe there are unexplained dark areas on the wall or ceiling.  Often an odd, musty smell is a tip off that there could be mold, fungus or other allergens within your home.  Whether you live near the LA River or over by Salt Lake State Park, mold can cause interior environmental problems that should be treated by an expert.  That expert is Indoor-Restore Environmental Services for mold inspection and mold testing services. 


Did you know that indoor mold is responsible for several negative health effects?  Minor stuffiness and throat irritation are just two of the milder symptoms that can be experienced.  More severe reactions, such as lung infections, can occur in people with allergies to mold or fungi.  So many people, regardless of gender or age, are affected by mold, and a 2004 study by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) backs that up.  

How do you find out what is going on within your home?  The first step is to have your home inspected to find out if your health issues are related to negative environmental problems inside your home.  A straightforward and relatively affordable mold inspection and mold testing service by Indoor-Restore will pinpoint whether the problem is mold, or some other unwelcome contaminant within your home. 

Our years and years of mold inspection and mold testing experience at tackling environmental problems give us high regard in the industry.  We have so much experience that we train property management companies and their employees in mold detection and abatement.

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People often wonder how they could possibly have mold, or a moisture problem, living in such a relatively dry and warm place.  Mold and fungus grow indoors because homes are built to be relatively sealed off from the exterior environment.  So, even though the weather outside is dry, the weather inside your home might be a bit more humid and musty.  Moisture is enough for mold to form.

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Mold attacks newer, as well as older homes.  They both might have a pipe that leaks and drips, or a drain that seeps under your sink or runs behind your walls.  Regardless of the age of your Bell home, Indoor-Restore can address the indoor environmental problems in your Bell residence. Know that each mold inspection and mold testing  is always different for every home.

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Indoor-Restore has a plan of attack that has to be closely followed to ensure success.  The first thing we do is perform a a visual mold inspection your Bell home and identify where the mold is, what is causing it, and understand the severity of the problem. 


Mycotoxins, which are poisonous, can either be inhaled or can come into contact with the skin. Air testing is used to detect these types of environmental complications.  Thermal imaging, which is a tool that detects the differences in heat on a surface, can help us see moisture within a wall, identifying substandard construction or water intrusion.

We also perform mold testing in the suspected area with surface detection methods, such as swabbing or removing small sample areas.  The samples of the mold testing are then sent to a lab where samples are examined to determine the exact type of mold or fungus that is among us to be treated.   Once that is completed, you will be sent an email with the results and inspector’s notes.   You can then call our Report Interpretation Department to review the details of the report and to have them answer any questions you may have about your Bell, CA property.  After that, we can discuss abatement and remediation options with you, if appropriate.

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Indoor-Restore maintains a high rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB), and is a member of the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA), which means we know how to treat our Bell, CA customers right and we know how to get rid of mold problems through our thorough mold inspection and mold testing procedures.

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