Chico, California is one of the most scenically spectacular cities in California. Filled with a plethora of tree orchards and vegetation, it has been known as a tree city by the National Arbor Day Foundation for well over 30 years. Chico is home to nearly 87,000 residents including more than 17,000 students living in the city for college. New neighborhood housing developments are on the incline each year due to the influx of new residents attending school as well as families who move to the city for the employment with companies such as the Enloe Medical Center, Walmart and the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Unfortunately new housing is not the only thing that has been growing in Chico. Each year, flash floods and water damage can be seen in many neighborhoods, both old and new.

Due to the hot Mediterranean climate mixed with the rampant flooding, it is important for property owners to have thorough mold inspection and testing on their property.

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Mold testing should always be performed by professionals with the experience and knowledge to complete a mold inspection with accuracy and preciseness in order to properly evaluate mold that may be present on a property. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services will send a certified inspector to your Chico home or office to perform the necessary mold testing that will detail what type of mold, if any, is on your property. We work with all property types from single family residential homes to industrial and commercial properties throughout Chico and all of California providing extensive mold inspection services as well as remediation and property restoration.

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The presence of mold can be not only damaging to the very structure of your property, but it can potentially be dangerous to the health of people who may have sensitivities to allergens or have respiratory illnesses like asthma. Certain types of mold can be dangerous for infants who have not yet fully developed their immune systems, and elderly who may have weakened immune systems. Having a mold inspection is necessary to rule out mold growth or eradicate it if it is present. Mold tends to grow in areas of a property that are not easily noticed upon a visual inspection when performed by someone who has not received professional training to recognize what mold growth looks like or conditions that cause mold to thrive and spread throughout a property.

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At Indoor-Restore Environmental Services we have only certified inspectors who are fully trained with both hands on experience as well as classroom certification training. When we send an inspector to a property for a mold inspection we always know that each property will be carefully inspected for the presence of mold as well as water damage that can lead to mold growth. Mold must have moisture to grow and with the flooding that occurs in the Chico area, there is the potential for water damage on every property regardless of the age or expense of the property. If you have a leaky roof or possibly a busted water pipe inside of the walls or in the basement of your property, combining that excess water with the hot temperature of Chico can lead to the growth of mold.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services professional inspector will fully inspect all areas of your property that you feel mold may be present. They will begin with a visual mold inspection for both indoors as well as outside of the property and will follow that up with an air quality test. Surface samples are taken of any suspected mold spores. Once the inspector finishes the mold inspection and has gathered any suspected spores found, they will send the spores to a third party lab for testing to determine the kind of mold found as well as how toxic it may be.

When the lab concludes their mold testing, the property owner is given an extensive report that documents the notes taken by the inspector as well as the lab results. If the lab has determined that mold is present, the inspector will complete another full property assessment for mold removal as well as remediation if it is determined to be necessary.

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Let our Chico mold inspection experts help you!

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Professional mold inspection and testing is essential to all properties in the Chico, California area and Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has over 20 years of professional experience with mold testing, water damage and restoration and environmental inspections. We take pride in knowing that when our certified inspectors go to a property everything is handled in a professional and precise way that guarantees complete satisfaction with each customer that we serve.

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