Today, Chula Vista, CA is a thriving community with a mix of older and newer homes that all share at least one thing in common – the possibility of toxic mold contamination brought on by water damage. This requires professional mold inspection and laboratory mold testing.

For a millennium, people have found nature’s picturesque scenery irresistible. Chula Vista – roughly translated from Spanish means “beautiful view” – has been attracting people to look upon, and live on, its eye-catching panorama for centuries.


Mold spores become airborne and can cause a variety of ailments from allergy-like symptoms to severe health problems. Common symptoms include itchy watery eyes, runny sinuses, and coughing to severe respiratory ailments. Mold grows where there is moisture. Moisture can be inside the walls, attics, and crawlspaces of buildings without anyone’s knowledge, which can lead to an explosion of toxic black mold growth. Typical causes of these types of humidity issues are from plumbing problems, roofs leaking, or flooding events.


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20 years of mold inspection & mold testing experience.
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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has the experience in mold inspection and mold testing, along with the tools to eradicate the causes of mold and mildew.

If mold and mildew is thought to exist, it is vital that it is handled appropriately to avoid making the situation worse. To ensure the job is handled professionally contact Indoor-Restore. Our certified inspectors are here to make certain the air is clean and mold free.


Chula Vista has a thriving population of 243,916, according to the United States 2010 census. It is the second biggest city in the San Diego area and is still growing.

The history of Chula Vista is as interesting and diverse as the city itself. The first people to explore, and make the area their home, were the Native American Kumeyaay in 3000 B.C. The Yuman-speaking tribe called the area home for hundreds of years before the Spanish arrived.

In 1542, three Spanish ships sailed into San Diego harbor under the command of Juan Rodriquez Cabillo. Shortly thereafter, the Spanish claimed the land as their own. In 1795 after becoming part of a Spanish land grant, the area came to be known as Rancho del Rey (The Kings Ranch). But less than fifty years later after Mexico formed its own government, it became known as Rancho de la Nacion (National Ranch).


In 1868, the land was purchased by the Kimball brothers for $30,000. The brothers planned on developing the area into American-style farms and cities. One of the brothers, Frank, was behind bringing the Santa Fe Railroad to the San Diego area. It wasn’t long after the railroad plans went into action before several of the Santa Fe Railroad directors created the San Diego Land and Town Company.

The newly formed company’s objective was to attract settlers to the area, which they accomplished by issuing promotional material that read, “Upon the best part of this tract, 5,000 acres are being subdivided into five acre lots with avenues and streets 80 feet in width running each way, the steam motor road passing through the center. This tract, known as Chula Vista, lies but a mile from the thriving place of National City.” So began the settlement boom of the 1880s.


In 1887, the five-acre plots sold for $1500 each. Following the purchase of a parcel and as part of the transaction, it was mandated that a home was built within six months. Around 1889, James D. Schulyer, suggested the town be named Chula Vista. Following the official adoption of the name by the San Diego Land and Town Company, the area became known as the city of Chula Vista. Up until the just before the beginning of World War II, the area remained a strong agricultural producer of lemons and celery.

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