Your health and the health of others who occupy your Corona, CA property are the most important reasons to perform a mold testing and mold inspection. There are many health-related problems that can be caused or compounded by black mold exposure.

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In order to protect yourself and those around you from possible temporary or permanent adverse symptoms caused by exposure to house mold, you need to ascertain as to whether or not it is present.  If you can see a mold problem in places throughout your Corona building, it is pretty clear you have an issue. In most cases, mold growth is not apparent.

The inside of your walls, attic, crawlspace, or HVAC ducting may be harboring mold spores.  When it does find its way into your duct system, it will spread throughout the entire building when the system is running. Invisible mold spores circulating in your building’s air flow is likely to lead to a very serious problem.

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This is good and bad news when it comes to mold. When a house breathes it lets in contaminates, but it also lets them out. In any home, it is important to ensure you don’t have a mold problem. In other words, mold spores are likely to get in but you need to make sure they are not in such abundance as to cause indoor environmental issues. The other important thing to remember with older homes is they tend to have water leak issues more often than new construction. These leaks can mimic a mini-greenhouse effect where mold can flourish. New construction is less likely to have leaks, but they are built not to breathe. What comes in stays in.

Hire a company that has qualified, certified mold inspection and mold testing specialists.

By calling and hiring one of our Corona mold inspection and mold testing experts, you are guaranteed a comprehensive assessment of your building. The assessment may include air quality sampling, surface sampling, laboratory mold testing, leak detection, moisture testing, and a visual mold inspection.  After determining the source and seriousness of the problem, we will apprise you of your options and give you some suggestions for prevention and mold removal.

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Unfortunately, building materials are very likely to contain mold spores. If humidity or moisture reaches the mold spores, they grow. In an enclosed environment like new constructed homes, this can turn into a big problem – fast.  Mold thrives on moisture, especially enclosed humid environments. Often times, a homeowner or business owner may not be aware that within their building there is a hothouse breeding mold. These hothouses in your building are typically in locations where there is an undiscovered water leak or roof leak.


These leaks tend to invade slow enough not to make it through all of the building components, but may get trapped in wall cavities or attic spaces that create unwanted indoor moisture and go unnoticed for long periods of time.

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Other events that may lead to toxic mold growth are large leaks or flooding of buildings. These types of disasters usually saturate all building components exposed to the water. Such situations may result in house mold growth problems if the saturated parts of the structure are not completely dried during the cleanup. The process of ensuring all the different portions of the building are deprived of moisture usually requires the use of specialty equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers.

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If you believe you have a mold problem in your home or office, the most prudent course of action is to contact a company with experienced and certified mold inspection and mold testing specialists. Indoor-Restore inspectors are fully trained and certified to conduct comprehensive mold inspection and mold testing for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. With nearly 20 years of mold inspection experience, we have a proven track record of satisfied Corona, CA customers.


Our mold inspection experts can make sure your home or office is safe from toxic mold contamination. We want you to enjoy each day knowing when you come home or back to the office the air you’re breathing is clean and safe. So, go enjoy a day at the Corona Heritage Park and Museum or the Graffiti Waterfall. Plan an adventure at the Skull Canyon Zipline or relax
at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa. And don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at the Kabob Hutt or the Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill.

Let us worry about house mold, so you don’t have to.

Your health and your family or building occupants is the most important reason to perform mold inspection and mold testing in Corona, CA. Inhaling mold spores can lead to allergic reactions, asthma complications, and several other health problems. To learn more about the health effects, visit Mold and Your Health.

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Call Now to schedule a certified mold inspection & accurate mold testing services!

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