Professional Mold Inspection & Mold Testing Services in Covina, CA

Nestled between Baldwin Park and the Puddingstone Reservoir, Covina is easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Occupying all of 7 square miles and often mistaken for the larger West Covina, it’s even easier to forget that this small but lively city has a history that dates back all the way to 1882. Unfortunately, if there’s one thing that never overlooks Covina, it’s mold.

That’s why Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is always there to tend to any problem that may arise, from minor water leaks to full-blown mold infestation. We have over to 20 years of experience in the mold inspection and testing business, and our field inspectors and staff are certified through the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA) annually to ensure each individual is equipped with the latest mold-beating know-how. Best of all, we require every inspector to complete initial and recurring education, both in the classroom and on-the-job, in addition to requiring a background in either construction, home inspection or property management and repair so that each and every job is done right, using only the latest in industry techniques and tools.

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The most common cause of mold infestation in any property is water leakage, either from a leaky pipe, drain or fixture, and more often than not these leaks are not readily apparent. They frequently appear in walls, attics, basements or even behind furniture, and if you don’t know where to look or what to look for, it’s easy for small leaks to explode into a mold problem.


After all, there’s nothing mold loves more than a moist environment in which to take root and run wild, and with Covina’s temperatures ranging from 68 to 92 degrees, it wouldn’t take much collected moisture to provide the perfect atmosphere for mold.

Luckily, we at Indoor-Restore provide a full collection of services for residents in Covina, CA, from mold inspection to mold remediation, so you can reclaim your home or business from the scourge of mold. We begin with a visual mold inspection of your property with leak detection and moisture testing to identify any potential trouble spots. We may use the latest in infrared inspection and survey technology to detect unseen areas of concern. If any are found, we collect samples from contaminated surfaces and in the air (mold can affect air quality that can prove quite harmful). We send samples off to a third-party laboratory to be identified so we can recommend the proper course of action tailored to your property’s specific needs.

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If the laboratory results indicate that elevated mold spores were found in the property – this information will be presented in a mold inspection report with presiding details for mold removal. Furthermore, we make sure that you are made aware of every option at your disposal so when the time comes for remediation of your problem, you feel secure knowing what needs to be done will be done in the most professional manner. Remember, a mold inspection doesn’t have to wait until a problem has already arisen; the sooner you act the easier the problem is to deal with and the less disruption there is to your Covina home or business.

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So if you have noted a musty, dank smell in your home, noticed or suspect water damage within your property, or worst of all, seen possible mold growing throughout your property, don’t wait another minute. More importantly, if you or any of your family members, employers or whoever has unexplained respiratory problems, you can’t afford to hold off mold inspection and testing services.. These are all serious signs that your Covina residence or business may already be in the grips of a mold infestation. The professionals at Indoor-Restore are there make sure your property is returned to its pristine state so contact us today to schedule your mold inspection and testing.

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