We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, so we allow our customers to be included and informed during the mold inspections and mold testing. Indoor-Restore also provides consultants, for your convenience, to give continual updates during the process.

El Dorado Hills, although unincorporated, is one of the most popular residential cities in northern California. The city is located 22 miles away from the capital. The rolling hills of this city are one of their most definitive qualities. The view of the city from the top of the hills is absolutely breathtaking. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, El Dorado Hills is also very developed in recreational, commercial, and residential areas.

Since El Dorado Hills has a high elevation, there is typically more precipitation and moisture than there is in lower elevated areas. This is caused by a phenomenon called uplifting. The highest humidity levels and the majority of El Dorado’s rainfall occur in January-March. This combination is ideal for mold growth.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has over 20 years of experience with certified, trained employees by the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA).

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Thriving molds in your property can emit many different warning signs and symptoms. Some warning signs include unusual, musky odors, defective plumbing, mysterious leaks, and discernible molds in corners and on walls. Mold can breed in less than 48 hours. You may be experiencing certain symptoms caused by mold. If you have continual allergies or have trouble breathing indoors, there may be mold present within your equity. If you notice these signs and symptoms, it is recommended that you contact Indoor-Restore immediately to schedule a mold inspection. We also strongly advise you to contact us if you notice any water damaged areas in your El Dorado Hills property due to leaks, excess moisture, or floods.

Indoor-Restore begins the mold procedure with our mold inspection services. We perform careful visual examinations of the property, locate the areas of excessive moisture and leaks, and sample various surfaces for mold testing.

Our mold inspection services for our El Dorado Hills clients include the following:

Visual mold inspection of the property and other areas
Outdoor and indoor air quality testing

Gathering of surface samples for independent laboratory mold testing
Complete report of lab results and inspector’s notes and recommendations

The recognition and labeling of molds, allergens, and other toxins is known as mold testing. These mold tests help decide which actions are the safest and most efficient to ensure that the molds don’t agitate your health or your property. We dust, swab, and tape surfaces within your property to collect samples. These samples are sent to laboratories for official testing. Mold testing helps determine if there are existential molds or other contaminants. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tests are also administered for more accurate results. Our mold testing services are specially designed and performed for your distinguished mold circumstance.

Air samples are useful because they help discover airborne mold spores that may be the cause to allergies or breathing issues.

The air and surface samples are sent to an independent laboratory to be analyzed. The lab results, as well as consultant suggestions, will be sent to you. If the mold inspection results declare molds to be present within your property, further inspections may be scheduled for mold removal and remediation.

All of Indoor-Restore’s inspectors, technicians, and consultants are experienced and licensed to perform our mold inspection and testing services. Our El Dorado Hills employees have background experience in home, mold inspection, and property maintenance. Our clients are guaranteed thorough and properly executed mold inspections and tests.

If your property in El Dorado Hills is in need of mold inspection and testing services, please contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Services by calling our toll-free number, or by submitting an online contact form.

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