Detection of mold and other hazards within your El Segundo, CA property is an essential part of protecting your health. It is important to complete a mold inspection and mold testing by a professional, certified company!

El Segundo, CA was first incorporated in 1917 and is a beach city in Los Angeles County. The population is over 16,600 individuals and the average temperature of the community is 70 degrees with very little rain over the average year. Known for sunny days and warm weather conditions the city brought many to the shores. The homes in the area are a combination of Spanish style and bungalow style, with a mix of single and two story buildings.

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While the climate in El Segundo, CA might seem perfect and impervious to mold, the warmth can easily promote the growth of it in many situations. Determining the presence of mold and mildew in a property can be done in several ways, but is most accurately determined by Indoor-Restore professionals.


The first step in the mold inspection and mold testing procedure is to look over your El Segundo residence carefully for visible signs of mold or mildew on walls, ceilings, and in areas that may not be seen readily, such as under cabinets, in crawl spaces and in your basement. During this time our inspector will use a digital moisture meter that will aid in determining moisture levels on various materials and hidden moisture problems. Utilizing an infrared-calibrated digital camera allows our inspector to capture problematic areas that the eye cannot see, such as moisture intrusion, water damage, pipes with a slow leak and other areas of the property that may be an indicator of mold presence.


If mold is detected, our professionals will perform mold testing of the suspect area where it was found in order to identify its type. The samples are sent to an accredited third-party laboratory for analysis. This surface mold testing can provide a great deal of information for the inspector and help determine the severity of the issue.

Our professionals will also perform Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing to which will determine the levels of mold that may be affecting your health. The process includes air quality measurements of the indoor and outdoor environments. Conducting both tests will determine if your property has elevated levels.

At Indoor-Restore Environmental Services our employees have over 20 years of experience in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing. Each staff member holds a certification from the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA), with re-certification training annually.

While some mold types simply cause allergic reactions, others have more serious effects on our health. Mycotoxins are byproducts of mold that are considered to be poisonous and in most cases toxic. These can become airborne and cause serious health problems for those that are exposed, particularly over a long period of time. Our mold testing will determine if mold is present in your breathable air and what type of action should be taken to clean up the problem, if necessary.

To summarize, our mold inspection and mold testing service for El Segundo residents includes:


In addition to mold testing, our professionals are equipped to test for volatile organic compounds (VOC). This type of compound is emitted as a gas by many products that are often used in homes such as building materials, paints, appliances, varnishes and even wax which contain organic solvents. This organic compound release of gas can be toxic and cause health problems for individuals. Testing can be done to find the presence and cause of such gases in your El Segundo home or office in order to have them removed.

If mold or other harmful toxin(s) has been detected, our professionals use the information to determine the best course of action in removing the problem. After the remediation has been completed we will perform additional mold testing to be certain that the issue has been effectively dealt with. A third party laboratory will complete the mold testing and from there we will warranty the results for 10 years.

The experience our environmental technicians are both classroom and on-the-job based, giving them the competitive advantage to succeed.

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