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Escondido, California, just 30 miles north of San Diego’s thriving downtown, is a quiet bedroom suburb near the beautiful Southern California coastal area. Located more inland than some of the well-known coastal towns, such as Carlsbad or Oceanside, Escondido boasts a sunny and drier environment. Though now consisting of newer homes tucked away in hilly subdivisions, the community was established in 1888 and has strong Spanish roots as a Mexican settlement.

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With warm, ideal climate conditions, there was once a strong agricultural presence evidenced in grape vineyards, as well as citrus, nut, and avocados trees. Like many California cities, much of the rural acreage has been replaced with development. Local recreation includes the three lakes in the area, Dixon, Hodges, and Wohlford, and hiking among the hills and unincorporated areas around the city.

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Like a typically populated California city, a major freeway is not far away. Interstate 15 is a main thoroughfare causing congestion and typical pollution. Air quality issues are always a concern near a major metropolis, such as San Diego. Indoor air quality can also be concerning, especially during muggy, hot days with little air movement.  Good ventilation systems and improved air flow conditions are usually found in newer buildings, but some of the buildings in the Escondido area may still be in need of improvements. Good indoor air quality has become an important expectation for many residents and workers. If you are concerned about your indoor air quality, don’t hesitate to contact a professional who performs indoor air quality testing. We at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services
can conduct indoor air quality (IAQ ) tests, along with mold inspection and mold testing, to determine the suitability of any indoor air environment.

Percipitation in Escondido varies widely, but can be up to 20 inches each year in certain areas. Flooding and water intrusion from leaky roofs, pipes, windows, or doors can be a property owner's nightmare. Damp areas, combined with naturally-occurring mold spores and the right temperatures, can lead to mold colony establishment and growth. Since mold is a well-known health risk, you want to avoid any possibility of this occurring by eliminating water sources and leaks that come into your property. Our company offers fully property water damage services and restoration to assist you.

The older buildings in downtown Escondido may be subject to some of the property risks often evident in pre-1970’s structures. Though lead paints were banned in 1978, existing housing that used lead-based building materials continues to be an issue.  Older building materials are also more susceptible to mold growth and fungal damage due to older and less stringent building regulations. Old age takes its toll on properties and causes building materials to degrade and create mold-harboring areas. If you suspect mold growth in your property then contact the experts at Indoor-Restore to analyze your property via mold inspection and laboratory mold testing.

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Education is overseen by the large Escondido Union School District (17 elementary schools and 5 middle schools) and the Escondido Union High School District which serve Escondido and outlying, unincorporated areas. Like most districts, the schools facilities include brand new campuses and older, remodeled buildings located on existing campuses. Thanks to measure T, funds have been earmarked for building renovations and new building projects.

When schools undergo reconstruction projects, there is usually a lot of community focus on the viability and healthy environments of the students. New HVAC systems and roofing, as well as air quality issues are usually considered. Sometimes when tearing down or renovating older structures, the presence of mold is discovered. Although this is often the cause for alarm for many worried parents, mold issues can be dealt with through mold inspection and mold testing, and completely remediated with the help of professional services. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services would be happy to perform large-scale mold inspection, mold testing or air quality analysis in a school environment. Each of our staff members are certified by the Indoor Environmental Association to perform a mold inspection and mold testing for any property type.

For medical services, Palomar Medical Center is a large campus that services the greater Escondido area. If you are concerned about any of the public buildings in town, including hospitals or other government or corporate buildings where you work, Indoor-Restore services all types of residential and business properties, even large establishments. With over 20 years of industry mold inspection and mold testing experience, our company can tackle any mold issue or indoor air quality concern you have.

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