All of our mold removal professionals follow industry standard protocol when working on mold contaminated properties.

Fontana is a California city situated in San Bernardino County, next to Rialto. Here, you will find more warm months than cooler. Most years, Fontana residents witness 14.77 inches of rain and temperatures well over 100 degrees. With the combination of high heat and precipitation, mold growth can pursue in homes and businesses throughout Fontana. As the second-most populous city in this county, with over 200,700 people, there is a lot of potential for mold cases.

[tagline_box backgroundcolor=”” shadow=”no” shadowopacity=”0.1″ border=”1px” bordercolor=”” highlightposition=”top” link=”/contact-us” linktarget=”_self” buttoncolor=”default” button=”Contact Us” title=”Learn more about our mold-related services!” description=”Indoor-Restore Environmental Services employs the best in the industry to offer inspection and removal services. Each inspector & contractor is certified by the Indoor Environmental Association.” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″][/tagline_box] When a mold case pops up in your property, obtaining mold removal services from a reputable company is important for saving it from irreparable damage. At Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, you will find professional mold remediation services that can be used for any type of property in Fontana, including commercial, residential, industrial and government. Our company has been offering mold removal services to Fontana homes and businesses for well over 20 years.

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When you fear that mold is growing in your property, you shouldn’t wait long before having it tested. Allowing a mold problem to grow out of control could put you and your family in danger. Not only does mold affect your health, but it can also cause harm to your property’s structure. If you have family members with respiratory conditions, like asthma, they may show symptoms of being exposed to mold, such as wheezing, sneezing and coughing.

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Some people make the mistake of trying to clean mold themselves, not realizing that the issue has already spread beyond visible walls and floors. What you can’t see could potentially harm you. The best way to ensure the safety of your family and property is to use the mold removal services offered by a licensed and insured professional.

When you hire Indoor-Restore for mold removal, your property will undergo a five-step process, which consists of the following:

Step One: A licensed technician will remove mold spores that have been found within your home, using an HEPA filtration system. The areas where mold spores have been found will be restricted to prevent contamination from spreading. Any materials in your property that have been infected with mold will also be removed.

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Step Two: Biocide will be applied to all areas of your property that have substantial mold growth. This prevents new mold growth from forming.

Step Three: An anti-fungal container is then used in other areas of your property that have smaller instances of mold growth. Thorough decontamination will be performed by our professionals to ensure that the mold has been eradicated.

Step Four: The sealing of studs and wallboards using fungal encapsulate is done to help prevent future mold growth.


Step Five: Your property will be decontaminated once again to guarantee that mold removal and remediation has been achieved.

[tagline_box backgroundcolor=”” shadow=”no” shadowopacity=”0.1″ border=”1px” bordercolor=”” highlightposition=”top” link=”” linktarget=”_self” buttoncolor=”” button=”” title=”” description=”With a 10-year warranty guarantee, property owners in Fontana should always opt for professional mold removal services from Indoor-Restore Environmental Services.” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″][/tagline_box] In order to ensure that the five-step mold removal procedure has worked, a mold remediation test is done on all surface areas that were once mold-infested. These tests are then sent to an independent lab to be tested. After the tests come back showing that the mold is eradicated, you will be given a Certificate of Clearance, which comes with a 10 year warranty. With this guarantee and level of thoroughness, property owners in Fontana should always opt for a professional mold removal service from a reliable company.

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