We offer consultation for mold inspection, mold testing and lab fees, which will include a full report and appraisal for remediation. We look forward to hearing from our local Fremont residents.

Fremont is the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest suburb, with a population of 220,000. It has been referred to as a “city of districts.”  There is a lot of ground to cover here and we service it all with the best mold inspection and mold testing professionals.

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Indoor-Restore’s certified inspectors know how to find the source of the problem, assess it and make recommendations based on laboratory analysis. The Bay Area has temperatures akin to the Mediterranean; shades of warmth and coldness. Dampness and moisture can lurk just about anywhere. When it goes unattended, mold develops – which produces spores that can travel through the air and into HVAC systems negatively impacting air quality with allergens. Mold can not only cause structural damage, it carries health consequences as well.

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Mold can cause air congestion when its spores spread. They mingle with dust and can agitate allergies. That’s why it is smart to be watchful for signs of water leakage or moisture buildup in any number of areas; and to be conscious of home or workplace complaints of poor air quality which may be inducing health issues. We know about and understand the damage that can be caused because we have been offering our assistance for mold inspection and mold testing for almost 20 years now. Our Fremont mold inspection experts are industry certified and at the top of their profession. They know how to rid your home or facility of this pestilence and make recommendations for repair and proper upkeep.

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Mold can grow wherever there is water leaking or moisture buildup. Our Fremont mold testing experts have the instruments and the knowledge to give you a full accounting of where the problem lies and what is needed to rectify it during their mold inspection and mold testing. Their experience extends to homes, business facilities and institutions throughout Fremont. They make an assessment that is scrutinized by third-party laboratory analysis of mold and other samples taken, and then draw up an informative report on what they have found. All details from the mold inspection and laboratory mold testing are fully covered so that you have a clear understanding of the damage and what is needed in order to rectify it.

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If you have never checked for mold, now is a good time to do so; especially if you have children in the home. Mold growth and bad air quality poison the environment with mycotoxins, which are byproducts of mold growth. The certified mold inspection and mold testing professionals at Indoor-Restore are trained to find and assess the situation and draw a conclusion based on laboratory results. We are different in our approach. Our mold inspection and third-party mold testing services cover numerous contaminants and which we can also remove safely. Whether it is monitoring air quality for allergens, surface testing for mold growth, or finding water leakage or damage, we have the experience and are committed to being the best in customer service practices.

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If you live in the Tri-City Area of Fremont or in any of the surrounding communities, you can call us to schedule a mold inspection and mold testing service. Our experts will help you to solve your mold or other contamination problem and offer recommendations to remedy the situation. We provide services that go beyond our fair pricing, along with the integrity and professionalism that has placed us at the forefront of our industry.


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An eco-friendly environment is what we all should strive for; whether at home or at work. And from Coyote Hills regional Park and Edwards National Wildlife refuge, to Ardenwood Historic Farm and the Aqua Adventure in Fremont’s Central Park, we can inspect your Fremont, CA property and give you an comprehensive evaluation of the extent of damage, if any.

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