We have a team of mold inspection & mold testing experts with experience and the certifications to provide you with the investigation and identification services necessary to manage any mold problem.

Located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, Gardena, CA has a population of over 60,000 people, and has a high Japanese ethnicity. Residents enjoy temperatures in the mid 70s on average and precipitation of less than 4 inches annually. The area has a naturally occurring marshland where the water seeps above ground all year. The history of the area ranges back to the 1700s and this history is reflected in the homes in the area. There is a mix of historic homes and modern homes throughout.

While a mold problem might seem like a issue for homes only in other parts of the United States, Gardena, CA has many of the contributing factors for mold and mildew growth. The most important part of the process of removing mold and other toxins in your home is an inspection and proper testing to determine the extent of the mold problem.

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The first step in determining a health hazard in your building is through detection of mold presence; spores in the air and determination of the source of the mold problem. While you may be able to find the mold yourself with a visual inspection of obvious areas, you will want to work with a professional mold inspection and mold testing company to unearth all of the locations that the mold might be hiding; to determine the extent of the mold problem and to identify what type of mold you are dealing with, and to confirm the presence or absence of mold in the air you are breathing.

Our mold inspection & mold testing experts utilize several techniques and take advantage of useful technology to get these answers. With the help of devices such as digital moisture detection equipment and infrared thermal device, our mold inspection technicians are able to locate areas that could be hot spots for potential mold growth. The digital moisture meter equipment can read the levels of moisture in any given location, possibly putting a spotlight on an area that has a leak or is growing mold. The infrared inspection equipment such as an infrared-calibrated digital camera can show areas of excess moisture or water damage that one can’t see with their own eyes. This could indicate an area that has substantial moisture or even old water damage that is breeding mold.

At Indoor-Restore Environmental Services we have a group of professionals with over 20 years of experience in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing and we are prepared to determine the issues you might have with mold, and help lay out a plan for successful eradication of the mold problem, if any.

Some of the professional mold inspection and mold testing services that are provided to give the most complete detection include:

A visual mold inspection of all areas that may contain mold
Indoor allergen & mold testing to determine the state of the air
A leak and moisture detection using digital moisture equipment
Collection of mold samples both on surfaces and in the air (IAQ Testing)
Infrared survey and inspection
Assessment of water damage
Professional analysis by a third party laboratory for samples collected
Consultation of mold testing laboratory results and reporting
Recommendations for plan to move forward

Both Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing and surface testing are an important part of determining the extent of a mold infestation. The surface mold testing is the process of taking physical samples of suspect mold or mildew located throughout the building. The IEA Certified Inspectors of Indoor-Restore Environmental Services will gather the proper samples.

The mold inspection & mold testing inspector might use tape, swab, bulk or dust collection methods to test as needed. The results of these tests will help our team determine the toxic nature of the mold spores, if any, in the home or office and assist each client in developing a proper plan for remediation.

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