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Famous for being the childhood home of the Beach Boys, Hawthorne, CA is the quintessential Southern Californian city, known for its year-round pleasant Mediterranean climate that averages 263 sunny days a year, and only 35 days of measurable precipitation. In fact, the Beach Boys’ second anthology was named after the city, subtitled Birthplace of a Musical Legacy. Thanks to cool breezes from the ocean, the city enjoys cooler temperatures than inland areas of Los Angeles, and gets a break from the hot desert temperatures much of Southern California is known for.

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Hawthorne, CA is a beautiful place to live, but don’t let the weather fool you. Residents and businesses can suffer from mold contamination just like they can any place else. November through March can be somewhat rainy, with February being the area’s wettest. April through November, the weather tends to range from warm to hot and is very dry. Still, many residents and businesses that incur water damage during the wetter season often don’t realize it until the hot months hit and then they discover they have a serious mold problem. Summer often brings a big demand for mold removal and remediation services. By then, however, the mold growth can be quite extensive and poise a serious growing health problem.

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Molds grow on almost any moist substance, and are often the result of water damage or humidity problems. They reproduce through spores, which when carried by air currents, land on moist surfaces and begin to grow. Toxic molds produce mycotoxins, which can cause serious health issues, respiratory problems, and aggravate allergies. Severe molds have even been known to cause severe cases of asthma and even lung cancer.

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Indoor-Restore offers complete mold removal and remediation services for Hawthorne, CA. We first start the mold removal and remediation process by containing all affected areas to keep the mold from spreading. We then thoroughly clean the area using a HEPA filtration and negative pressure vacuum that removes all debris, dirt and microorganisms. All mold damaged materials are removed for replacement. These can include carpeting, pads, equipment, clothing, drywall, furniture and any other material contaminated with mold. Anything salvageable can be cleaned and restored. All affected areas are then cleaned with a green treatment of hospital-grade biocide.

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Usually, air circulation machines, dehumidifiers and air purifiers are used to remove additional air born spores, dust and other contaminants. Deodorizers are then applied to contain the smell. Surrounding areas within the containment are then decontaminated. All work areas are sealed with an antifungal encapsulate.

Finally, the entire affected area is subject to clearance testing, in which we test all surfaces for mold to ensure it has been completely eradicated. All clearance samples are sent to a third party laboratory for processing to ensure the integrity of the test. Every step of the entire mold removal and remediation process is fully explained by a professional, certified consultant.

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With over 20 years of experience in the mold removal and remediation industry, Indoor-Restore sets itself apart from the competition with a comprehensive 10 year warranty on all mold removal and remediation done on your Hawthorne, CA property. We guaranty the mold will not return for a full decade, thanks to the high standard of care and quality we deliver to our Hawthorne, CA clients every day.


We’ll return your Hawthorne, CA property to as good as new. If it’s an emergency, we’re perfectly happy to resolve concerns outside of our normal business hours to accommodate your schedule. We’ve been leading the mold removal and remediation company in Hawthorne, CA for over 10 years. That’s our job, and we’re exceptionally good at it.

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