In humid environments like in Hayward, excess moisture and water damage trigger mold growth requiring certified mold inspection and mold testing.

Hayward has a rich history of farming and agriculture, which means that many of the buildings around are old and haven’t been inspected for mold in years! The structural integrity of these buildings and homes could be compromised as well as the living conditions of the growing population here at Hayward. Indoor-Restore is here to help with mold inspection and mold testing!

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Are you concerned about the air quality within your home? Mold growth is a problem often overlooked by many people. Oftentimes mold growth goes without detection for weeks or even years. Prolonged exposure to mold growth can result in allergic reactions such as itchy eyes, sneezing, and coughing. In severe cases, it can trigger asthma attacks and permanent lung damage, as well. Whether you have been feeling sick lately, experiencing any of these

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Mold growth can become a costly problem as well if not treated or detected right away. Along with its health concerns for those who frequent the exposed environment, water damage and excess moisture allow mold to grow and can cause structural damages within a building. The presence of mold growth can often be found in moist, humid areas within your living or workspace. Because of the mild summers here at Hayward many residents favor the use of air-conditioning to maintain comfortable temperatures. If not properly maintained, your HVAC air ducts could be accumulating mold as we speak, and affecting the air you breathe every day. Whether mold  growth is found in your air ducts, near pipes, within your walls, and/or in your ceilings, we here at Indoor-Restore can perform the necessary visual mold inspection and laboratory mold testing that can determine if mold is present and the quality of the breathable air within your Hayward homes and offices.

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We highly recommend getting a mold inspection and mold testing done if your place of residence or work has experienced any type of water damage. Common moisture problems can be accumulated due to faucet leaks, leaks under the sink, plumping leaks, leaks from the ceiling, and possible window leaks. Don’t wait to take action to address these property concerns. The earlier the mold growth is detected and identified the more cost efficient our services will be in diagnosing and fixing the problem.


We here at Indoor-Restore have over 20 years of experience dealing with all types of mold growth and mildew problems. We take pride in our customer service, and lead the industry in detecting, reporting, and solving mold concerns in Hayward, CA. If you are interested in any of our mold inspection & mold testing services or just want to ask us a few questions about possible mold issues you may be having, then contact us our toll-free number at 1-866-358-3838. You can also email us at anytime.

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