Huntington Beach’s average relative humidity in the 75 to 80% range combined with temperatures that rise into the 90s make it a prime candidate for mold and mildew infestations. Just because you can’t see it, that does not mean it isn’t there. Contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Services for mold inspection and mold testing services.

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Mold and mildew tends to grow on your property in areas that are hard to find without proper mold inspection. There is nothing mold loves more than moist, warm environments such as crawlspaces, attics and even the inside of walls, and along the coast, there’s no shortage of these environments. With all the fun and excitement that comes with living on the coast comes the need for increased diligence when securing your home against mold, and nowhere is that more true than in Orange Country’s largest beach community.

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Furthermore, with the harsh, salt-laden air and decreased protection from storms that punctuate life in a coastal community, rust and driving rains can expose more of your home and increase the possibility of water leaking from faucets, windows, weather stripping and roofs, and water leakage is the prime contributor to mold infestations, allowing it to take hold in hidden areas.

We combine nearly 20 years of mold inspection and mold testing experience with the right training and tools to ensure that we identify any and all air quality problems and mold infestations before removal of the contaminants and remediation of the infected areas. Whether the problem’s in your home, office, industrial facility or hotel, our certified mold inspection technicians will identify the extent of the problem and inform you of your options so you can select the best course of action to have your Huntington Beach home or business healthy and back on its feet in no time. After all, a city that thrives on tourism and industrial production deserves the same hard-working spirit from us here at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services.

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When it comes to living in a coastal community such as Huntington Beach, the number one thing you must do to combat the potential for mold and mildew and other infestations is have a trained and licensed professional conduct a comprehensive mold inspection and analysis. From Seal Beach to the Greenville Channel, mold and mildew can take hold anywhere, so it’s important to be vigilant.

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Our exceptional mold inspection specialists at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services can provide you with preventative services, highlighting potential danger zones and offering advice, as well as a complete analysis and restoration once mold and mildew has been found. We include moisture testing (an absolute necessity in a community like Huntington Beach with its high humidity), leak detection, sample collection for laboratory analysis,Indoor Air Quality testing and


surface testing for mold and mildew and any other allergens or contaminants. We can even provide Infrared Inspection and Survey Imaging and Assessment and make recommendations for repairing water damage to prevent future problems and ensure that your days can be spent down at the Huntington Dog Beach or the famous Huntington Beach Pier.

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The mold inspection and mold testing services we provide are essential for communities like Huntington Beach with their mixture of older buildings built in the late 1950s and the hotels that service the community’s essential tourism industry. That’s where we come in: our mold inspection experts are certified by the Indoor Environmental Association, and they undergo re-certification annually, and that’s in addition to a complete on-the-job training program that includes initial and recurring classroom work to keep our industry leading mold testing assessors at the forefront of the battle against mold and mildew. Many of our mold inspection staff members even have a background in the construction, home inspection and property care industries, making them the best when it comes to identifying those potential (and unseen) problems spots in your home or business.

Huntington Beach has a rich, vibrant history beginning with its incorporation in 1909, but with that time and history comes the ever-present threat that mold and mildew has taken hold, and no site is immune, even in an idyllic coastal community. Avoid the potential damage to your property and health of yourself and others. If you see visual mold growth or unusual stains anywhere on your property, detect a musty or moldy smell, or have family members or employees with long-term and unidentified medical conditions, please don’t delay in calling Indoor-Restore Environmental Services.mold inspect

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