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Welcome to Malibu, the beach city of California. This sunny southern California city was incorporated in just 1991 and has been able to attract many residents and tourists with its warm, sandy beaches and recurrent celebrity sightings. With over 21 miles along the Pacific coast, Malibu receives large amounts of moisture from the ocean. The excessive moisture, combined with the average 70 degree weather, create an ideal environment for toxic molds to breed. Molds can grow virtually anywhere, as long as it is dark, damp, and humid.

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Certified mold removal/mold remediation

Indoor-Restore has been in the environmental industry offering mold removal and clearance testing for over 20 years to residents in Malibu, CA.

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If molds are left undetected for a prolonged period of time, health problems may arise. The exposure to molds and allergens can lead to asthma, weakened immune systems, or infections. Food is not exempt to mold growth either. Some molds release poisonous mycotoxins, which, if ingested, can cause respiratory problems. To avoid future problems or damage caused by molds, we highly recommend mold removal and remediation as soon as signs of mold become apparent.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services specializes in appeasing areas infected with mold, which may have been caused by excessive moisture. We provide Malibu residents services that diagnose and repair damages caused by water to prevent further mold growth. Specialized technicians are also available to detect leaks and moisture prominent areas. Further services that may be applied to filter out excess mold spores and allergens in the air include air purification techniques.


The mold removal and remediation process beings with a thorough property assessment. We assess the equity for any visible molds and check for any strange, musky odors. The point of the assessment is to locate the specific areas with excessive moisture and water damage that could be provoking mold growth.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services uses state-of-the-art equipment and reliable staff members to perform all mold removal and remediation services. Our procedures are customized for your property’s specific mold situation; our main objective is to eliminate all molds from your equity as easily and safely as possible.

To assure you that molds removed and remediated by Indoor-Restore will not return, our Malibu employees follow a strict five-step protocol. This protocol contains the following steps:


Decontaminating surrounding areas one final time to guarantee complete mold removal and remediation

Sealing the surfaces with a special anti-fungal encapsulate

After mold removal and remediation, Indoor-Restore takes air and surface samples. These clearance samples are directed to a independant laboratory for analysis and processing. The results will declare that all molds have been successfully removed and remediated from your property.

Going above and beyond expectations, our company offers a 10-year warranty on all mold removal/remediation services. This certifies that mold will not appear in the project area.

We value our Malibu clients and regard each individual case with care by sending professional, certified consultants to explain the mold removal process, and provide continual updates about the treatment process. In addition to our extensively trained employees and specialized apparatus and procedures, offers a 10-year warrant on any mold removal service to every client. We guarantee that molds removed and remediate by Indoor-Restore will not reappear in your property. Other services, such as deodorization and anti-fungal treatments, may also be used during mold removal.

An online Contact Form and a comprehensive list of our mold-related services are also available for your convenience throughout our website.

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