We are a leader in the mold inspection and mold testing industry and we understand the concern you have for the health of your family in your Modesto home. 

Who do you turn to when you suspect you have a mold growth problem in your Modesto home?  There are several indoor environmental companies doing business here in the city of “Water Wealth Contentment Health,” but Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is the one to trust when you need someone to guide you through the many mold inspection options; we have nearly 20 years of industry experience.

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How much trust can you put into Indoor-Restore?  Well, lets start with the important fact that we are a highly rated company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), meaning very satisfied customers.  Also, we have highly trained mold inspection professionals that you can trust to come into your home.  Our inspectors are certified through the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA) and have to be annually re-certified to continue to work for Indoor-Restore.  Our Modesto inspectors have backgrounds in mold inspection, property maintenance and repair, and many of them are experienced construction professionals.  They know how a house is put together and what can cause mold problems.  So whether you live in a newer home, or in a classic 1920’s home in the Graceada Park neighborhood, you can trust Indoor-Restore to do the job right.



Mold inspection and testing services for Gallo Center For The Arts in Modest, CA
Now that you’ve found a company you can trust, the next step is determining the extent of your mold problem.  The first and most important step is a mold inspection.  Why so important?  Because a proper mold inspection will determine the extent and severity of the problem and all other mold control actions are determined by the results of the mold inspection.  So you can see why having Indoor-Restore do the mold inspection is so important – you don’t want to be steered in the wrong direction and spend your hard-earned money on unnecessary remediation or repair.

We look for the following evidence during the mold inspection:


Moldy or musty smells in certain areas of the property.
Visual evidence of mold growth, which can often be hard to see with the untrained eye.
Unexplained stains on carpets or other surfaces, often from water exposure.
Poor construction or repairs that could allow water infiltration.
Complaints from the residents of unexplained health problems, especially those related to the respiratory system.


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If evidence of mold is found, the second step is mold testing.  Our trained mold inspection professionals will take samples of suspected mold from the air and from surfaces around your Modesto residenceThese samples are sent for third-party confirmation to a laboratory that specializes in mold detection.  The laboratory will then provide a report to verify the presence and type of mold, or other contaminant.

The type and extent of the treatment, the third step, is determined by the type of mold discovered.  Some mold, commonly found outdoors in shady or damp environments, are just part of nature.  Other types of mold can be more insidious, some triggering relatively mild allergic reactions, while other molds can cause more serious health effects through the release of mycotoxins into the air.

Mycotoxins are poisonous and can be inhaled, or can come into contact with the skin, causing adverse reactions.

In short, mold is not something to mess around with, or to take lightly.  You undoubtedly have surfed the web looking for solutions and, while those giving advice are well meaning, the solutions they propose can actually increase the risks that come with mold infestation.  Most suggest treating mold with a mild solution of bleach and water, but doing so only kills the surface mold, allowing the unseen mold to continue to grow and continue to do damage to your Modesto home and your health.   Unfortunately, most mold is unseen, hidden where it is dark and damp.

Many people ask us how they could possibly have mold, or a moisture problem, especially living in the hot and dry Central Valley.  While the Central Valley is hot and dry during the summer months, the winter months can be very rainy and wet and there are often many days when the fog obscures the sun for days on end.  Not to mention the Modesto problem of street flooding during winter rains due to the lack of robust drainage systems.


Renting?  Not being a homeowner doesn’t mean you can’t address the mold problems you are having.  We can help you if you are a tenant and have a problem with mold, moisture condensation, or other indoor air quality issue.

We know you would rather be out cruising on 10th and 11th Streets, rocking to American Graffiti, or watching the Modesto Nuts play baseball.  So leave the mold inspection and mold testing worries to Indoor-Restore and enjoy all that Modesto has to offer.

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