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Oakland has had a turbulent history, having been a melting pot for different ethnic groups, especially African Americans and Latinos. Thousands of apartment buildings and single family homes were constructed due to the influx of workers. The abundance of many older buildings has resulted in a mold epidemic taking root in the San Francisco Bay area. Mold thrives in moisture and dampness and in dark inaccessible places requiring the need for professional mold inspection to locate issues and mold testing to determine if its toxic or not.

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Oakland is a port city located opposite San Francisco in the Bay area. Once heavily forested with majestic oak trees, it was logged to provide building materials for San Francisco. In fact the name, Oakland, comes from the Spanish word, “encinal”, meaning oak grove and the remains of oak trees can still be seen in some places. The rich fertile soils enabled Oakland to become an agricultural center. Originally part of the Spanish Empire in the Americas, it was inherited by the newly established Mexican state and then later, following the Mexican-American War, became a part of the United States.

The San Francisco Bay area has a moist environment, caused by heavy rainfall and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, which brings in a rolling fog of moisture-laden air during fall and winter. Furthermore, like San Francisco, Oakland is susceptible to damage from massive earthquakes since it lies within the San Andreas Fault zone. Damage from these quakes have no doubt caused cracks in walls, roofs, pipes and foundations in innumerable buildings, both older and newer. Dampness, resulting from water seeping through these cracks, provides an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Oakland has many original office buildings and homes which used wood and brick building materials. Dampness from the moist climate allows these materials to provide an ideal breeding ground for mold. However, newer concrete buildings are now equally susceptible to mold infestations because of cracks caused by several major earthquakes. This has allowed moisture to leak into countless buildings and the ensuing dampness is ideal for mold growth.


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Aside from this, the implementation of newer Building Envelope Technology has resulted in buildings being less able to “breathe,” and hinders interior moisture within the walls from escaping. The resulting dampness increases the chances of developing a mold infestation.

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has evidence that mold and other fungi may negatively affect human health through allergies, infection and toxicity.


Along with mold and moisture issues, these newer buildings also have other environmental issues which are caused by assorted chemicals and VOCs. These often give off fumes, which emanate from modern building materials and paints, or cleaning products, and then are distributed throughout the whole building by the ventilation system or air conditioning. Also, buildings in areas which were reclaimed from former industrial lands may harbor residues from unknown contaminants.

The resulting contaminated air and water may cause a variety of symptoms in office workers; ranging from mild allergies, a general feeling of tiredness, breathing problems and even heart palpitations. This is often referred to as Sick Building Syndrome by the medical establishment. Asbestos, which was commonly used until banned several decades ago, may still be present in older buildings as insulation material. Asbestos is the main cause of a rare cancer, called Mesothelioma, caused by prolonged inhalation of the asbestos fibers.

Our mold inspection and mold testing services:

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Mold inspection includes both indoor & outdoor air quality tests.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Complete report of mold inspection notes & mold testing results.

Up to 10% of the population is affected by mold allergies. Symptoms can be allergic asthma, hay fever with itchy eyes and throat, plugged sinuses with constant sneezing, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a rare but more serious immune-related disorder. Even food may become contaminated with molds and fungi, which are then ingested into the body. Modern air circulation and ventilation systems in newer buildings help to spread, not only the mold spores, but also fumes and chemical contaminants.

Indoor-Restore is a fully equipped mold inspection and mold testing company. We are industry-certified for mold inspection and mold testing, and have many years of local experience. We can test for air quality, environmental hazards, VOCs and chemical residues, water damage, mold infestations, leaking pipes, cracks in the building foundations and other structures, indoor moisture levels, allergens and even uncover building defects and weaknesses. Indoor-Restore will analyze your home or office building using infrared/thermal imaging, third-party lab analysis and the latest instruments for determining air quality, moisture levels and allergens such as pollen and mold or chemical fumes. We will provide our clients with a full mold inspection report listing recommendations for repair and mold remediation of the property.

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