When the temperature and moisture levels are right, mold spores can grow quite rapidly in a short time period requiring the need for mold inspection and mold testing.

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Is mold growing on your property?

Indoor-Restore determines the level of mold spores in the air and once we confirm that there is mold growth we thoroughly explain to our clients what the source of their problem is.

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Mold Inspection in Oceanside

With an average humidity level in Oceanside, California ranging anywhere from 45% to well over 100%, there is plenty of moisture in the air year round, which inhibits mold growth and allows it to thrive and spread not only on the outside of your home, building or office, but on the inside as well.

When mold overtakes your Oceanside property, what should you do? With the assistance of a certified mold inspection professional, you can have the problem eradicated quickly. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is the leading provider of mold testing services. Our certified mold specialists and network of laboratories and mold testing partners have the expertise needed to properly conduct mold testing in order to identify the presence and type of mold that’s in your property. This allows us to provide a clear and concise process for removing the mold.

People frequently won’t notice the excess mold spores at all until they start smelling a musty odor, or by chance see it growing, and by then the spores can be in the air and affecting your health. When we conduct mold testing services, it allows us to measure the amount of mold in a residential or commercial building by determining the level of mold spores in the air. Once we confirm through mold testing that there is a mold growth in or around your home, we can let you know the risks associated with the mold, and the best course of action to remove it.

Mold Testing

Mold testing services are available to all property types in Oceanside, California, using standard mold testing by conducting swab sampling or air-o-cell testing. With air-o-cell mold testing we can identify different kinds of mold and will be able to see a measurable amount of mold spores’ activity. During an on-site inspection, air samples are taken outside of your property to gather a baseline of mold spores present. Once we assess the outside of your home, we take suspect mold samples inside to check the spore count. If higher on the inside, this would indicate that there is a presence, or even an absence, of a mold issue throughout your Oceanside property, which will need to be taken care of professionally.

Once an analysis is performed on the mold samples gathered, the mold inspection professionals at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services will then be able to determine which type of mold treatment is necessary to remedy your home or office.

Why You Should Have a Mold Inspection and Mold Testing

Mold testing in Oceanside is detrimental due to Oceanside’s climate.  On average, this area sees roughly 10 inches of rain per year or more. This amount of precipitation can cause moisture to build up in and around buildings and the moisture can set up mold inside, as well as outside. While homes may have dark areas, such as attics or crawlspaces, or stay warm, especially in climates like in Oceanside, those areas can become breeding grounds for mold if there is moisture present.


Mold essentially needs moisture to grow. Most real estate agents can tell you how crucial mold testing is, especially for properties which may have been closed up for long periods of time. Before purchasing a home or office, you should absolutely have it inspected and tested for mold to ensure the safety of you and your guests or business associates.


Many people often have allergies when they are outdoors. When there is a presence of mold in a home or office, people can experience the symptoms of allergies while inside of a building as well. Allergy symptoms caused from mold spores can be very toxic to people and anytime someone is showing allergy symptoms while indoors, a thorough mold inspection should be performed to find where the source of the allergy-like symptoms may be coming from.

Indoor air quality testing can also be performed to determine if the source is something other than mold.There has been a plethora of new building construction in Oceanside in the last several years. Most new construction is performed with little or no air flow to ensure that the home or office is well insulated. While this is perfect for controlling the indoor temperatures in a home and assists with heating and cooling costs, it also tends to trap moisture inside a structure and moisture will cause mold growth. Mold growth spreads very rapidly and can become very menacing to those who are living or working with it present.

Listed here are signs to watch out for. If you notice any, a professional mold inspection service should be considered:

Odd smells which include mustiness or odors.
Allergy-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or asthmatic symptoms.
Areas around and inside of your structure which appear sunken in.
The baseboard of the wall separating from the floor area.
Seeing patches of white, or even black, underneath or on top of carpet, tile or wood flooring.
Stucco or plaster showing any types of stains or mildew-like spots.
Areas around air conditioning vents which show staining of any color.

Other environmental services we offer in the Oceanside area include:

Mold Testing of the Surfaces and Air (Air Quality Testing)
Indoor Allergen Testing and Assessment
Leak Detection and Moisture Testing
Infrared Inspection & Survey / Infrared Thermal Imaging Assessment
Mold Assessment and Mold Mitigation of the Property
Water Damage Assessment and Mitigation
Laboratory Analysis of Mold Samples Taken
Complete Review of Findings and Laboratory
Recommendations for Repair and Remediation, If Needed

Water leaks, even small leaks, and the humidity in Oceanside which stays between 47% and well over 100% daily, can cause moisture to build up.

Why You Should Contact Us for all of Your Mold Related Issues

The mold inspection professionals at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services have close to 20 years of hands-on experience in mold inspection and mold testing. We are a qualified trainer for mold removal and is the leader in air quality issue detection and mold problem reporting. We are certified by the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA) and Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization (MICRO).

A mold inspection with mold testing by a certified mold inspector provides a proper assessment of a property experiencing suspect mold growth and mold infestation. Whether it’s home mold, mold and mildew in your office, or toxic mold spores in your industrial facility, we can determine the extent of the problem and will be able to show you exactly what needs to be done for removal so that you will know in advance what steps need to be taken for the removal, the health risks involved and the cost to perform the removal. We always want our customers to be well informed so that they will be able to know how crucial the removal is and to able to make the decision with all of the correct information provided to them.

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