To determine whether or not your home has mold growth or a potential problem, it is wise to consult professionally trained mold inspection and mold testing service providers such as Indoor-Restore.

Along the coast of Southern California, is the nineteenth most populated city in the state and the most populated city in Ventura County. Located about 35 miles west of Los Angeles city limits, Oxnard is considered part of the greater Los Angeles area. Besides being adjacent to beautiful ocean beaches,


the city is listed as one of the wealthiest and safest cities in the United States of America. Incorporated in 1903, the city is on the western edge of the Oxnard Plain, which is a fertile agricultural area and home to booming crops such as strawberry and lima beans.

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Oxnard has beaches, dunes, wetlands, creeks, and the Santa Clara River. The city sits in a Mediterranean climate zone, which experiences mild relatively wet winters and warm, dry summers. Proximity to the Pacific Ocean regulates air temperatures by keeping the air cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Both renters and homeowners need to understand the dangers that mold growth can have on them and their children. Your indoor air quality should be free of mold growth and other contaminants. People often believe that if they live in a relatively dry climate they do not need to worry about mold growth. Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

Mold spores are typically already present on most, if not all, of the building materials used to construct your house or rental property. They can lie dormant for years before a little moisture triggers mold growth and an eventual release of airborne spores. In fact, drier climates can have more significant mold-related issues than wetter climates. Moisture can result from an unaddressed pipe leak, water damage, or water intrusion which will require a professional mold inspection and mold testing company to seek these areas of concern.

Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Detailed mold inspection report of your Orange, CA property.

Regardless of the climate, or the year your home was built, you want to make sure you eliminate conditions where mold can flourish. However, most mold growth problems occur without the occupants’ knowledge until it is way out of control. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common reason is moisture. Moisture can create mini-greenhouse conditions inside your walls, under your house, in your attic, or anywhere else water can infiltrate. Common reasons for moisture problems are minor or major roof leaks, leaky pipes, flooding incidents, and indoor humidity.

We can test your air, take samples of materials, and perform a visual inspection to determine whether or not you have mold growth and how much of it is growing inside, under, or within the walls of your house!

Mold can cause a variety of health problems, especially for people with asthma or immunity disorders. For some people, mold growth is just a nuisance causing coughing or congestion, but for others it can be deadly. If that is not bad enough, there are different strains of mold growth. Some strains are thought to be relatively benign for most, and some strains are considered very dangerous.


If you believe you may have mold growth on your property or you just want to ensure the air you and your family are breathing is safe, contact a professionally trained technician from Indoor-Restore today at 805-233-6985 or toll free at 1-866-358-3838. Our company is fully certified, bonded, and insured to perform mold inspection and mold testing services in California and retains a certification with the Indoor Environmental Association as well as annual up-dated certification. Inspectors are also fully trained and certified with annual re-certification courses. Indoor-Restore can help you ensure the safety of your air quality.

Remember, even if you rent your home, you have a right to clean breathable air. If you are a renter and want to learn more about your rights, call an Indoor-Restore representative for more information on mold inspection and mold testing services

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