A mold inspection is the first crucial step in the process in determining if your Rancho Cucamonga, CA property has a mold problem or not. 

Rancho Cucamonga has long been known as a flourishing manufacturing city. The city is alive with retail and aerospace industries and is a beautiful place to live. With centuries old vineyards lining many of the roads, it is not only a busy industrial town, but is also filled with history and romance. The city has been featured on many television shows, such as Next Friday and Workaholics, and has even been mentioned in classic children’s cartoons such as Bug’s Bunny. Rancho Cucamonga has hot spring and summer temperatures and stays mildly warm throughout the winter. It’s a dream town to live in for those who love the beauty of historical homes and architecture, and nice warm weather.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is the professional, and prestigious, provider of mold inspection in Rancho Cucamonga. Hiring a professional to examine your home or office for mold is recommended due to the fact that mold inspection experts know what to look for when checking a building for fungal growth. A non-professional may see mold growth and believe they can restore the property easily. The problem with that is

quite often, if a complete mold inspection is not performed, large colonies of mold could be growing in unseen places, inside walls, ceilings, and floors. The mold inspection professionals at our company have been highly trained and certified to perform testing and know what to look for when checking for mold. While checking for mold growth, they will also check for the presence of moisture, and locate the source, so it can be repaired to prevent future fungi problems.

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Due to the annual rainfall in Rancho Cucamonga being close to 16 inches, and the humidity remaining steady year round at about 70%, there is plenty of moisture in the air. Combine the rain and humidity with water damage in or around your home, and you will have an ideal breeding ground for mold growth. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services will conduct a thorough assessment. Once we do a visual mold inspection of the outside of the home or office, we will then check the inside for moisture and areas of suspected mold growth. If you have any water damage in or around your home, it is imperative that you have it dried out and fixed quickly to deter the growth of mold.


Due to the upswing of the economy of Rancho Cucamonga, there are many new homes and offices being built in the area and are typically constructed very tightly to ensure excellent insulation. If you’re looking for a great financially affordable home or office in Rancho Cucamonga and want to avoid purchasing a home with mildew or mold, then a mold inspection should be performed. Real estate advisors recommend that home and office owners have a test completed for toxic mold before they buy or sell a home or office. If mold is present, and has not been evaluated by a mold inspection professional to see where the growth is coming from, it can lead to bad smells and will drive potential buyers away from the home.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services

Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Complete, detailed report of inspector’s notes and lab results.

During the economic recession many homes and offices were foreclosed. Now that the economy has started picking up, those foreclosed homes and offices which have been closed up for long periods of time are now being sold.

Foreclosed homes can be very susceptible to mold growth because when a building has been closed up for long periods, moisture is apt to get in and will set up a habitat for mold and mildew.

When you have a mold inspection performed in your home or office, we will check for suspected mold growth, but will also check for areas of excess moisture which is where mold will thrive and spread quickly. The quicker you have an assessment done for mold, the better off you will be. Mold can grow very rapidly and will spread quickly when there is moisture present. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services inspectors will perform thorough tests, to be analyzed by an independent laboratory, to let you know where the mold growth is, if any, and what can be done about it if found. Mold grows quicker in areas of a home or office which has more humidity, and mold growth is often not seen or smelled until it has spread. Our experts can help you decide how to improve your Rancho Cucamonga residential, commercial or industrial property to minimize future instances of mold.

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