Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has been specializing in mold removal caused by excessive moisture for over 20 years. We send in professional mold remediation technicians to detect leaks and high moisture levels.

Located near the Pacific Ocean and in the southern California area, Riverside is surrounded by moisture and high temperatures. This combination makes this city of arts and innovation prone to mold and mildew growth. And since Riverside is the 12th most populated city in California, many properties could be hosting harmful molds behind walls, under floors, or in dark corners.

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Mold growth from excess moisture & water damaged areas can be resolved with professional mold removal and remediation services.

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Prolonged exposure to these areas can result in some serious health hazards. Mold and water damage contributes to the deterioration of your property and your health. Water damage can weaken walls and roofs, which are more likely to cave in during earthquakes. Riverside is enclosed by three major earthquake faults: San Andreas, Elsinore, and San Jacinto. Human and animal immune systems can be weakened or infected because of prolonged inhalation of possible mold spores and allergens. Poisonous mycotoxins can also be released by some molds which can lead to respiratory issues. It is crucial to take action against mold immediately if signs of mold become apparent inside your property.

The official mold removal and remediation process starts with the assessment of your property. Indoor-Restore sends licensed consultants to your equity to assess it for any visible molds or strange, musky odors. We also inspect air ducts and investigate all homeowner and tenant complaints. The point of this assessment is to pinpoint the specific locations of any moisture problems or water damage within the property that could be contributing to mold cultivation.

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In order to effectively perform mold removal removal and remediate mold from your property, Indoor-Restore provides advanced equipment and extensively trained personnel. Every situation is different, so we cater treatments for your specific Riverside property. It is our main objective to eradicate molds invading your property by using reliable treatments that are also non-hazardous to any occupants’ health.

Indoor-Restore employs a specific five-step protocol:

A HEPA filtration is used to trap and remove mold spores and other particles flowing through the air. All contaminated areas will be controlled and contained.
Mold-infected and damaged materials are removed from the premises
A biocide is applied to mold prominent areas in order to disinfect the area and prevent new molds from growing
An anti-fungal encapsulate is used to seal in the remaining work areas
A final decontamination of the property is conducted to guarantee full removal and remediation

The last step of our mold removal and remediation process is conducting a clearance test. After mold removal, air and surface samples are taken and sent to a third-party laboratory for processing. After the samples have been carefully analyzed and are cleared, your property will officially be declared free of molds and mildews.

If you are currently experiencing mold-related problems, please keep Indoor-Restore as your future reference for any inspection, testing, or mold removal services.

It is important to us that our Riverside clients are fully aware and comfortable with the mold removal processes that are going on in their properties. So Indoor-Restore sends professional, certified consultants for debriefing and continual updates. In addition, a 10-year warranty on any mold remediation service is offered to all of our customers. We are confident that molds eliminated and remediated by Indoor-Restore will not reappear. Deodorization services are also offered to eliminate the musky odor of mold. For some Riverside properties, anti-fungal treatments may be used as well.

An online Service Request Form is available for your convenience. A complete list of our mold removal and remediation services is available throughout the website.

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