We strive to meet our customers’ satisfaction by allowing them to be involved and aware during the mold inspection and testing process. Professional, accredited consultants are available at your convenience to explain the process and to provide continual updates during the work.

Rocklin has a long, rich history with its association with the Transcontinental Railroad and granite mining boom. But its main development phase has been within the last 30 years. The city has been developing new recreational facilities and buildings, as well as expanding commercial and residential areas. Rocklin averages sunny, 70 degree weather days with a slight breeze. However, when the spring season rolls around, the humidity significantly increases to almost 90% and the wind speed picks up as well. Mold only needs 60% to begin cultivating. The increased wind strength makes it easier for allergens and airborne mold spores to get stuck on clothing and be transported indoors.

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Find out if your property has mold!

With professional mold inspection and laboratory mold testing you will be able to address any property issues, yet more importantly prevent possible health hazards from continuous mold spore exposure.

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If you notice these warning signs and symptoms, we recommended that you contact Indoor-Restore as soon as possible to arrange a mold inspection and mold test. It also advised to contact us if there are apparent signs of water damage due to excess moisture, leaks, or floods.


Indoor-Restore offers mold inspection services as the beginning of our entire mold removal procedure. We a do a thorough visual inspection of the equity, detect the locations of moisture and leaks, and sample miscellaneous surfaces for mold testing. Our mold inspection services include:

Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

The collection of surface samples for independent laboratory mold testing and analysis

Comprehensive report of lab results and inspector’s notes and suggestions

Mold testing is the identification of molds, allergens, and other contaminants. The results of these mold tests are an important factor in determining the safest and most efficient way to make sure the molds do not disturb your property or your health. We collect surface samples by swabbing, taping, or dusting the inside of your property, and send the samples to independent laboratories for testing. Mold testing helps conclude if there are molds or other contaminants currently existing within your property. For more accurate results, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tests are also conducted. Airborne spores that may cause allergies or breathing issues are discovered through the investigation of air samples. We like to customize and perform our mold testing services for your specific mold problem.

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Indoor-Restore equips experienced inspectors and technicians to carry out our mold inspection and testing services. We have employees from a range of backgrounds, including property maintenance and home inspection. With over 20 years of experience in the mold industry, we can guarantee all our clients comprehensive and proper mold inspections and tests.

Our company has been in business for over 20 years which makes us a leader in the indoor environmental industry.

On the occasion that your Rocklin property becomes in need of mold inspection and testing services, we recommend that you contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Services through our toll-free number, or by submitting an online contact form through our webpage.

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