Sacramento is known as one of the sunniest locations in California. The sun shines the most between July and September, generating extremely high levels of humidity and temperatures.  The average humidity is 75% and molds only need 60% humidity to thrive. With possible mold growth it is important to perform a mold inspection.

Since Sacramento is in the valley, the city is more susceptible to flooding when it rains. In fact, Sacramento holds the second rank on the list of flood-prone cities in the United States. Floods can destroy the exteriors and interiors of living and working facilities. The water can dampen the air and weaken the structures or seep into crawlspaces inside. Mold spores can flourish after coming into contact with water or damp conditions; requiring the need for mold inspection and mold testing services.

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Sacramento is deemed the “City of Trees.” A multitude of tree types are seen in the city, including oaks, firs, and magnolias. Unfortunately, that also means there is an abundance of trees carrying pollen. During the spring season, the average wind speed is 10-15 miles per hour. This is enough strength to spread allergens, pollens, and air-borne mold spores around, which can also adhere to clothing and be brought indoors.

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The amalgamation of old and new houses and buildings provides Sacramento with a diverse appearance. Unfortunately, both old and new developments are prone to mold growth requiring the need for regular maintenance and mold inspection services. Newer buildings that are more tightly insulated are helpful during Sacramento summers, where temperatures reach over 100 degrees on a weekly basis. However, the tight insulation can inhibit suitable air flow and keep moisture inside. Also, since warm air rises, the upper level of two-story homes receives more humidity. When the warm temperature and wet areas come into contact, mold grows more prevalently. The high humidity and moisture levels allow mold colonies to form and grow in living and working areas.


Older buildings have feeble walls and roofs, allowing moisture and water to enter inside more easily, creating a sustainable environment for molds to grow. They also have poorer ventilation systems, which trap old, warm air and bacteria, reducing the air quality inside. While revamping old buildings and homes provides aesthetic and living benefits, it can expose people to the harmful toxins released by hidden molds.

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If not taken care of properly, molds can become extremely pernicious. Exposure to these allergens can cause you to experience typical allergy symptoms or allergic reactions. Some molds can cause infections to develop. The immune systems of many types of people, ranging from the young to the elderly, are suppressed and weakened from these infections. Molds can also release harmful mycotoxins; the exposure to these toxins may result in lung and respiratory problems. To prevent these symptoms from occurring, it is essential to regularly check your Sacramento property for mold. However, mold handling is dangerous without the proper tools and methods. And that’s where our local Sacramento experts perform mold inspection and mold testing services.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a certified mold inspection company in Sacramento, California. You are guaranteed specialized mold inspection consultants and inspectors who can identify and assess any of your mold and mildew problems. Our commission includes a thorough mold inspection and mold testing of hard to reach locations. We also provide other environmental examination services such as the sampling and testing of indoor air quality, contaminants, and moisture via an independent laboratory; no conflict of interest.

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20 years of experience in the mold inspection industry has allowed Indoor-Restore to gather extensive knowledge about molds, including newly discovered molds, and develop the best and safest methods to test and remediate these molds. Our mission is to provide a clean, healthy environment for you indoors.

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If you reside in the Sacramento area and are experiencing mold problems in your equity, call Indoor-Restore Environmental Services through our Sacramento location at (916) 352-6789 or toll-free at 1-866-356-8433. You can also visit other pages of our website for a list of our mold testing services, as well as information about types of molds and other environmental issues. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services guarantees specialized mold inspection consultants and safe, affordable mold testing solutions to all environmental problems within your property. If you are not currently experiencing mold problems, please keep Indoor Restore in mind for possible future needs.

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