The Environmental Protection Agency reported that mold is one of the top 5 indoor health hazards in the San Francisco area which makes mold removal a serious topic.

This city is the financial and cultural hub of Northern California. It has a rich architectural history dating back to the major rebuild of the city after approximately three quarters of it was destroyed by fire and earthquake in 1906. Home of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, is a very popular tourist destination. It is a destination city for some people to move who wants to enjoy the warm weather that the city boasts; being located so close to the ocean the Bay Area’s environment contains more moisture than some of the other cities within the state of California.

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Mold Removal Services

If mold is determined, professional removal and remediation is vital to healthy indoor environments.

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While the Victorian era homes might draw in new homeowners, the overabundance of moisture from the ocean air and consistent heat from the hot California weather is a recipe for disaster. Moisture, heat and time will often breed mold spores in older homes. Left untreated this becomes toxic in most cases. When the mold spores begin to grow and change additional warm air and closed environments can sometimes create a new growth that contains mycotoxins which are harmful to your health. 

How would you know if you have a growing mold problem in your home? Allowing Indoor-Restore Environmental specialists inspect and test your home is a great preventative step towards understanding if you and your family are breathing in high levels of spores or not.

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Contacting Indoor-Restore Environmental Services allows you peace of mind. Our mold removal company has well over 20 years of experience in dealing with toxic mold and the proper measures required to clean, dispose of said mold and treat the areas so that there is not a recurrence  of the problem. One of the first things that our professionals at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services will do is to find out where all the mold or potential mold is hiding in your home.


Mold Removal Services in San Francisco, CA

Create negative air pressure using a HEPA filter within a chamber

Carefully remove contaminated building materials

Utilize a hospital-grade biocide to kill any remaining mold spores

Spray an encapsulate on work area to prevent future mold growth








Indoor-Restore’s mold removal professionals are trained in eliminating/removing the toxins as well as repairing leaks that may have been the original problem or sealing off areas that are allowing too much outside moisture into the home. Mold removal involves creating a containment chamber around the work area to prevent mold spores from contaminating other parts of the property. A negative air machine with High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is used to control the amount of mold spores circulated in the work area. At this point in the mold removal process, contaminated materials are carefully removed to prevent disruption of mold spores to be released in the air, and a biocide is applied to kill any remaining mold spores that might be present. Encapsulation of the wood frame, studs, and other areas of concern is the next phase to prevent future moisture and mold growth issues. And the final step would be to decontaminate the containment chamber by running the HEPA vacumm one last time.

As an assurance for each of our San Francisco clients, clearance testing is performed that will either confirm or deny the presence of mold. This process aligns with a pre-mold removal inspection; involving indoor air quality testing and surface sample testing that is sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. If results indicate acceptable levels of mold spores, our job is complete and a Certificate of Clearance will be issued.

We also utilize proper air purification techniques and odor removal when necessary. Our mold removal company has the experience to make sure that your San Francisco home is safe from the hazard of mold and to help you develop ways to make sure that it stays that way. Cleanup is not the end of our relationship with clients and customers. Our 10 year mold removal warranty guarantees that we are invested in keeping your home and family same from toxic mold.

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