Indoor-Restore specializes in mold inspection and mold testing services, but also does complete mold remediation and removal work. We can take you from an initial investigation of a suspect property all the way through the Certificate of Clearance of a mold-free environment.

A huge majority of the homes in San Ramon are owner-occupied, meaning that local residents are very concerned about their home maintenance and have a significant financial investment in their homes. Like most of the East Bay along the 680 corridor, the Ran Ramon real estate market is very sound. Home owners want to make sure their homes are environmentally friendly and safe to the inhabitants. Residents demand schools that are also sensitive to environmental concerns and the well-being of students. For commercial properties, schools, businesses, and homes, local Indoor-Restore Environmental Services can meet the needs of the San Ramon community.

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Do you need a mold inspection?

Often times mold growth is not a concern, yet if you suspect mold growth and are experiencing health issues then a professional mold inspection is highly suggested.

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Let’s focus on our mold inspection and mold testing services. When we receive a call and mold is suspected, our certified mold inspection technicians get right to work. Often a person notices the physical evidence of mold, but sometimes there is just an unpleasant smell and the suspicion of hidden mold. Regardless of the reasons for the call, an Indoor-Restore mold inspection expert is prepared to investigate the property with all of the industry-standard tools and safety protocols required.


We begin by checking for water leaks or sources of water intrusion which may be causing damp areas in the structure. Technicians are thoroughly trained to look around windows, doors, and roof lines for unsealed areas, as well as checking for more evident water leaks around pipes.

Our mold inspection specialist will use a digital moisture meter to find areas of dampness and make recommendations for corrections. When mold has a water source to feed it, and the proper range of temperature, it can grow rapidly and produce airborne spores which will transfer mold to create other mold colonies. Mold attaches to just about any building material, including drywall, carpeting, lumber, and more. Because of the unique nature of how mold grows and reproduces, a small problem can become a huge problem very quickly. For this reason, a thorough inspection for water sources is our first step in the mold inspection process.

Complete mold inspection of entire premises & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Collection of surface samples for laboratory mold testing analysis.

Detailed report of inspector’s notes and lab results.

Next, our San Ramon technician will use surface taping, swabbing, or dusting to create samples for lab analysis. For the most thorough analysis, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sampling will be done to determine the concentration of mold spores and other allergens in the indoor environment. All of these samples will be sent to an independent lab for analysis and results. The laboratories we use are third-party companies.


An unbiased analysis will be done and once all results are completed, Indoor-Restore will create and share a comprehensive report of the findings to our client, providing real-world interpretations and recommendations. At that point, clients will be given opportunities for mold removal and remediation, if required.

Our inspectors are customer-friendly and are trained with the latest skills in mold inspection procedures. We ensure you a safe and pleasant experience and hope that you will give us a try when mold is a concern!

Rest assured that all of our inspections are done so that your costs are known up-front. We are certified by the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA), which is a nationally-recognized professional organization that holds us to very high standards.

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San Ramon, California, one of the larger cities in Contra Costa County, is at the heart of the Tri-Valley and all its opportunities. As a commuter location, it works. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be employed right in San Ramon – at the Chevron corporate headquarters, AT&T, Toyota, 24-Hour Fitness, or anywhere in Bishop Ranch – you are fortunate indeed.

Recreational opportunities abound, such as biking the Iron Horse Trail or exploring and hiking at many of the parks in the East Bay Regional Park District. The Memorial Day Art and Wind festival is a special treat, as well. A trip to Forest Home Farm, especially during the fall harvest season or spring sheep shearing, is definitely a memorable experience. The school district is highly-rated and includes newer construction, as well as facelifts to existing facilities.

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