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Remember that areas surrounded in dampness bring on the moisture that produces bacteria and mold. And as that fungus evaporates and mixes with bad air ventilation and heat transfer, it can have a direct effect on a person’s breathing and cause some stuffy noses too.  This is where Indoor-Restore comes in handy, we provide comprehensive mold inspection and mold testing services throughout the Santa Rosa region that include a number of objectives and corrections:

Testing of air quality for mold and moisture infestation
Testing for water leaks throughout the premises
Mold Inspection/Assessment with Infrared Thermal Imaging
Laboratory analysis from samples taken
A complete assessment of mold and water damage and a report on the best way to mitigate the circumstances
A complete overview and our recommendations to rectify problems now and in the future

Test Your IAQ

Contact our mold inspectors to inspect and test your property for mold spores and other contaminates that may be lurking in the air!

Test Your IAQ

Mold can become a problem when enclosed in areas where the air is humid and the temperature fluctuates. This is often seen in the bathrooms and kitchens of homes. But contaminants are always circulating and can trap mold in unsuspecting places throughout a property. It can become infested in ceilings, floors, carpets and walls, and wreak havoc in all areas of a home, business or institutional facility. The problems incurred from mold infestation can result not only in structural damage, but health problems, as well.


Santa Rosa is a progressive city surrounded by rivers, lakes, redwoods and impressive architecture. It’s the biggest city in Sonoma County’s wine country and the Bay Area’s 5th most populated. From the historic Empire Building in downtown’s Old Courthouse Square; the Frank P. Doyle Library on the campus of Santa Rosa Junior College; the imposing show of design seen at Santa Rosa High School and the verdant colors of the Prince Memorial Greenway; this is a popular


place of residence, a great retreat and a fun excursion for a quick getaway.  As evident in its participation in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Water Sense Program, the city of Santa Rosa is also very conscious about water usage and water waste.

Health and comfort go hand-in-hand


Mold can spread and go unnoticed for some time before it is checked. And the effects of this spread can result in human health problems relating to colds and coughing, agitated sinuses, headaches, respiratory problems, eye and skin irritation, and more. People can also develop allergies from persistent mold infestation. This is sometimes related to what is called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS); poor air quality due to water leakage, poor ventilation and heat Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) also play a role here.

These organic chemicals commingle with mold and the residue left from office and plant machinery, paint and other chemical solutions, which contribute to moisture, decay and health issues. They are often found to be the cause of people sneezing and wheezing in the work environment.

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“Excessive exposure to mold-contaminated materials can cause adverse health effects in susceptible persons regardless of the type of mold or the extent of contamination”, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This includes allergic reactions from mycotoxins (Poisonous / Toxic byproducts of mold growth that can become airborne).

Our mold inspection & mold testing services

Indoor-Restore provides a comprehensive line of services that are all conducted by certified mold inspection specialists. We are at the top of the mold inspection profession because we have established a reputation for excellent performance and fair pricing. We can find and fix the damage caused by mold and poisonous toxins and ensure that your home or workplace is not at risk of contamination. We safely inspect and test the property, and everything is backed by laboratory analysis. Our mold inspection solutions are also backed by a 100% guarantee.

We are a professional mold inspection company that pride ourselves on the level of customer service we offer. Each property is unique in itself and may call for different procedures and protocol. We make it our business to go beyond the call of duty by providing the type of support that outpaces our competition and places us at the top of our industry.

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