Indoor-Restore has certified and trained staff, equipped with the latest tools, in which to facilitate building remediation. We will prepare a special report, outlining all of the steps necessary in order to rehabilitate your building.

Simi Valley is located in the valley of the same name, in Ventura County, California, and is part of the greater Los Angeles Area. It is surrounded by the Santa Susana Mountains and the Simi Hills and is mainly a commuter bedroom community for the larger cities in Ventura County, the L.A. area and the San Fernando Valley. It avoids the congestion and stress of big city life and is ranked as one of the happiest cities in America.

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The city’s claim to fame is the Ronald Reagan Library, where Reagan was buried. However, the main attractions are the recreational activities in the Valley. The open spaces of the Santa Susana Mountains are well preserved in numerous city and county parks. There is a system of nature trails developed for hikers, mountain bikers and horse riders. Six golf courses are scattered throughout the valley and there are two local collegiate baseball teams; the Simi Valley Senators and the California Oaks. Furthermore, because of its close proximity to Hollywood, several TV series and movies have been filmed here: Mash, Gunsmoke, Little House on the Prairie, to name a few.

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Simi Valley is considered to be the safest city over 100,000 people in California. However, there are three main hazards: wildfires, flooding and earthquakes. The Simi Hills and valley are prone to wildfires in summer due to the dry climate, hot weather and strong winds. The threat of flooding increases after a wildfire because the surrounding hills become denuded of vegetation. This results in soil erosion.


Heavy rains can cause torrents of water to come racing down into the valley or even mudslides; causing extensive water damage to local buildings and houses.

From November until April there is significant rainfall and temperatures ranging as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to a low in the high 20s at the night. Humidity can be high, especially in hot weather, following a rainfall. The valley is prone to fogs and low lying clouds, especially in the mornings throughout the year, but particularly from May to October. Furthermore, the valley is surrounded by earthquake faults, and earthquakes have already caused significant damage to local infrastructure and buildings. Violent tremors have caused cracks in building foundations, walls and roofs. Water pipes have been damaged and cracked, allowing water to leak into buildings.

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One of the most common molds is a black mold called Stachybotrys Chartarum, which is found in cellulose-rich building materials in damp or water-damaged structures. The higher the moisture content or dampness, the more likely this mold will be present. It can be found anywhere inside a building. This particular black mold can prove deadly for animals, as it produces a toxin. There was a documented case of two cats dying of a severe pulmonary hemorrhage, and blood tests indicated the presence of a toxin produced by Stachybotrys Chartarum.

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This same mold has been linked to sick building syndrome, in which building workers often suffer from such symptoms as hay fever, itchy eyes and throats, cold-like symptoms, headaches and even a general feeling of tiredness. In extreme cases, particularly sensitive individuals have been known to faint or have difficulty breathing and suffer from a feeling of light-headedness.

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Once mold has taken hold of a building, it is not easily eradicated. Simply wiping an area clean is not sufficient, as the mold will simply grow back. Often, the building materials must be replaced. Indoor-Restore will undertake a complete examination of your building in order to discover all of the hidden cracks and leaks; which must be eliminated, in order to prevent water from entering and causing dampness. That is why Indoor-Restore has set up environmental service outlets across the state. One of the first tests which they will do, is to take an indoor air sample, in order to determine the kind of contaminants. Surface sampling is often done alongside air sampling in order to obtain the most accurate test results and to identify what kind of fungal spores or other contaminants are present. After determining which areas are infected with mold; Indoor-Restore will clean up the area or if necessary, replace the materials affected. This remediation process will also include special treatments to prevent future mold contamination.