Like many California cities, the climate of Stockton is dry and hot with an average temperature of 90 degrees. You see occasional rain with the most rainfall in one calendar month being just above 8 inches. Our professionals here at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services are ready to help you take back your home from the mold contamination.

Having a population of 291,707 people, the city of Stockton is larger than most people realize. In fact, it is considered to be the 13th largest city in California. Set in the midst of farmlands, Stockton is home to the annual Asparagus Festival and The Stockton Symphony which is California’s third largest and was founded in 1926. The Stockton Arena hosts a great deal of live music and sporting events every year including concerts by Gwen Stefani, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan and Carrie Underwood.

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With such a dry climate you might never suspect that a mold problem could be hiding inside your Stockton home. Mold spores can spread very quickly and pose as a great health problem for many people. They can be hiding in places such as dry rotted wood, basements and crawl spaces. Do not think that this problem stays in dark, hidden places where inhabitants rarely go. Mold and mildew are well known to hide in the walls of bathrooms, kitchens and any other areas where dampness occurs or where an actual leak may be present.

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While the regular air conditions outside of your home can contain mold spores, these varieties are generally harmless and will cause no ill effects to those that encounter them. This is not true for the type of mold inside your home. The constant presence of warm air and moisture feed the spores. Molds such as Stachybotrys Chartarum, dubbed toxic black mold, create mycotoxins that can lead to lasting health problems.  The quickly growing hazard can result in a number of health issues for many people including severe respiratory illness.

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It is important that the mold problem be taken care of immediately as it will only continue to spread. While there are a number of options that people try at home to get rid of the problem such as bleaching and scrubbing the area or simply cutting out a section of drywall where the mold is visible, these are not recommended. Attempting them can cause greater health issues for anyone residing in the building and especially for the person leading the removal process. Without proper mold remediation by a certified company like Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, the problem will continue to reappear.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services will provide you with a complete mold removal service including: inspection, testing, removal and future protection. Our company has over 20 years of mold remediation experience ready to make your home environment and air quality safe for everyone. Our pre-removal/remediation process involves a thorough property analysis to locate where the growth is occurring. This includes the air duct system  in the property as well. This process also involves laboratory testing of the spores that are found so that we understand what kind of mold we are working with in regards to how toxic it may or may not be.

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Our experts will then begin the removal process which includes assessing the size of the contaminated area, sealing any locations where moisture can enter the property, making sure there is proper air ventilation and keeping the area sealed and contained with plastic to keep contaminated mold spores from escaping during removal.  To prevent cross-contamination, after the removal of the mold has been completed, our professionals will decontaminate the affected area as well as make sure the air has been properly purified. You can relax knowing that your home is safe for family and friends with our 20 years of experience and our 10 year remediation warranty.