Indoor-Restore Environmental Services provides the expertise you need to make your Sunnyvale property ready for a bright, healthy future.

By its very name, Sunnyvale, California conjures up sunny, languid peaceful days in a carefree California town. To those who work or live in Sunnyvale, however, the true picture is anything but that. At the heart of high-tech Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale is jam-packed with young professionals and high-rise corporate offices. It is bordered or intersected by fast-paced 101, 237, 85, and 280. Property values are high, schools are desirable, and commutes can’t be beat for many working professionals. Much of the commercial development, along the 237 corridor, has gone from well-established landmarks like the old Moffett Field area and NASA to cutting-edge players like Yahoo!, Microsoft, AMD, Lockheed-Martin, NetApp, Juniper Networks, and many, many more.


Choose the professionals at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services to conduct a visual inspection of your property, collect air & suspect mold samples, and provide a certified document with laboratory results.


The area has a rich WWII-era history long before its current high-tech presence. One of its operating high schools, Fremont High School, was established in 1923 and even used as a military base during the war period.  Before WWII, Sunnyvale, and indeed all of Santa Clara County, was known for its orchards and fresh and dried fruits. Canning companies, such as Libby’s, and drying companies, such as nearby Mariani’s, created industries that delivered Sunnyvale-grown fruit all over the country. Plum, apricot, peach, and cherry trees dotted the entire valley.

Since the orchards are long-gone and the housing areas have been built-out for many years, there is a highly popular real estate market based on older housing developments. Sunnyvale’s ideal climate and proximity to work places means that many people are willing to spend the money to modernize existing housing. Many professionals are too busy to “do-it-yourself” for the properties they purchase, which has a clear advantage in terms of one risk of older property ownership: mold infestation. Because of known health risks to lungs, skin, brain, and other body systems, people who do not have professional training in mold handling and removal should not work around mold.


If you are lucky enough to own a Sunnyvale residence, and are in the midst of remodeling, you will want to pay special attention to some mold protocols. First of all, if you notice the presence of mold or any undesirable smells which may indicate mold’s presence, contact us at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services.  Unfortunately, not all mold is that easy to spot.

When it comes to mold, professional services should definitely be utilized.

Often, mold grows in hard-to-reach or even hidden areas of your home. Since it is not feasible during minor remodeling to get behind carpeting, flooring, cupboards or in crawl spaces or attics, you will probably want to get a complete, professional inspection done. If you are doing major demolition or construction on a home, it is advisable to have inspection done prior to demolition, as mold spores can be released into the air.


Airborne mold spores can invite new mold colonies to grow and can cause respiratory difficulties for many, including infants, children, or the elderly. If demolition is already underway and the workers notice signs of water damage, staining, or traces of mold, our professional services should be called to inspect and identify the mold, provide laboratory testing, and give recommendations for the next steps required as part of an overall  treatment plan. Total mold cleaning and remediation is required to give you peace of mind in your residence.