With the ranking of 3rd on the list of Drought Riskiest Cities in America and 15.5 inches of rain annually, Thousand Oaks is prone to mold problems. 

If water seeps into a crawlspace inside your home or office, the moisture will accumulate and lead to mold growth. In addition, the close proximity to the ocean brings a damp climate and a humidity over 70% that creates favorable locations for mold spores to land and form colonies. The year-round summer-like temperature provokes a continual use of an air conditioner. Unfortunately, if your air conditioner has poor ventilation, mold is susceptible to becoming trapped within the house which forces residents to breathe in musty air.

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This city continues to thrive from its high quality education, renowned Civic Arts Plaza, and its desirable location in Ventura County just 40 miles away from Los Angeles and less than 12 miles away from the Pacific Ocean. The average temperature is 76 degrees, typical Southern California weather. Thousand Oaks is also known for being the safest city with a population over 100,000 people. This nature prominent area owns over 15,000 acres of open space, 29 neighborhood parks, and over 80 miles of bikeways.

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The city also hosts the biggest bike race in the United States: The Amgen Tour of California! The city provides a plethora of outdoor activities for the kids such as AYSO soccer, Little League Baseball, Pop Warner Football, and the Conejo Youth Basketball Association. Unfortunately, the near proximity of the ocean and high temperatures and humidity contribute to mold and mildew problems inside the home, office, and recreational facilities.

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Since Thousand Oaks is a relatively new establishment, all the homes and buildings are built with extremely tight insulation which also trap mold inside the structures, which can create extensive hidden damage. Leaky sinks, old wallpapers, and highly condensed windows can also produce mold and mildew, which can result in severe health problems.


Any inhalation or physical contact with mold can cause allergic reactions. Typical mold symptoms juxtapose normal allergy symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, and throat irritation. Asthma can also develop as the inhalation of mold spores can irritate the lungs and respiratory tract.

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Fortunately for you, Indoor-Restore Environmental Services can do just that! All of our inspectors and mold remediation technicians are certified in the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry. Only professionals such as ours can detect hidden mold and the scope of the damage it brings. Our goal is to provide a healthier and safer environment for you and your family, friends, and/or coworkers.

We accommodate all services related to environmental inspection, mold abatement, and construction maintenance. As a well-renowned environmental inspection company in the area, you are guaranteed professionally trained specialists to detect, report, and remedy your mold and mildew problems so that you and your loved ones can live safely under your own roof. With over 15 years of indoor air quality industry experience and excellent service, Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is an efficient and reliable company that can assist you with all your mold-related needs.

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