Older buildings have weaker ventilation systems that keep musty odors and form mold growth inside, creating increased health risks for the inhabitants. Molds love to thrive in dark, damp environments.

Established in 1864, Visalia is the oldest town in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. Its rich history and high quality of living attracts many metropolitans annually. The city is divided into seven main neighborhoods, with four main streams running through the city. A plethora of retail stores, cultural restaurants, professional office buildings, and outlets constitute the eclectic culture. The vibrant colors, geometric frameworks, and detailed décor of other buildings in the city contribute to its aesthetic charm. The city also appeals to performers, businessmen, and environmentalists. The Fox Theater is a 1920s-styled movie theater that is a major performing arts center and exemplifying feature of Visalia. Business in Visalia continues to prosper while the agricultural industry continues to thrive. The city has a small-town feel and with an ideal high quality of life for working families who still want to play.

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Mold usually forms from the combination of moisture and organic matter with at least 60% humidity. Visalia has an average humidity of 80%, making it easier for mold to grow and form colonies.

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The majority of the rainfall and fog days ensue during the winter, creating damp weather conditions. So buildings and homes are more susceptible to breeding mold growth from November to March. The mountains get more precipitation than the valleys, so mold may be more prevalent in the higher elevated areas, which have more moisture in the air.

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The heavy dependence on automobiles causes Visalia to suffer greatly from air pollution. Cities depend on rain to counterbalance the effect of smog, but Visalia’s mere 11 inches of annual precipitation does not suffice. The accumulation of the pollution from airplanes and locomotives create contaminated air, which can increase the effects of mold or stimulate its formation and distribution.

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Many buildings from the incorporation of Visalia into California still remain standing today. Although the buildings’ Victorian and Art Deco styles tell the history of the town and create a visually aesthetic appearance, they are still weaker than modern buildings and are more susceptible to mold growth. The older roofs and walls allow excess water and moisture to infiltrate into the dwellings and settle in crawlspaces and hard to reach areas.

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Visalia is located near many fault lines, including the San Andreas Fault; the city is, therefore, more prone to destructive earthquakes. These earthquakes can cause great damage to properties and its plumbing systems. Unfortunately, many extant buildings in Visalia are from the mid-late 1800s and have considerably weaker structures than modern buildings, making them more susceptible to damage from earthquakes. It is essential to identify and repair these damages as soon as possible. If left untreated, the combination of the high humidity, moisture, and debris can create the ideal environment for molds to flourish and release extra mold spores into the air. If you come into contact with these molds or inhale the spores, you are at risk for certain health problems.

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More threatening molds release poisonous mycotoxins, that when inhaled into the nasal cavities or lungs, can bring about respiratory problems and possible internal or external infections. Always be aware for warning signs for mold. If you notice unusual stains in your property, smell a musky, moldy smell, or experience medical conditions that will not go away, contact our company as soon as possible. Fortunately, in Visalia, a professional environmental corporation, known as Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, can test and identify the molds that may be in existence inside your home or building.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a company that is familiar with the Visalia area. This guarantees you more accurate assessments of your property. In addition, Indoor-Restore has over 20 years of mold industry experience which places us as one of the leading companies in air quality detection and mold reporting. We also provide extensively trained employees to thoroughly investigate the premises and test air quality, indoor allergens, and sources of leaks and moisture. The tests are then carefully analyzed and reviewed by specialized consultants, who recommend the safest and most effective methods for remediation. Our services are high quality and our prices are up-front.


f you currently reside in or near the Visalia area and your property is experiencing mold problems, contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Service locally at (559) 234-2144 or toll-free at 1-866-356-8433. For more information about mold, as well as our other environmental services, please visit indoorrestoreca.com or e-mail us at info@indoorrestore.com. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services guarantees quality employees and services to assist you in all your current and future mold-related issues.