The city has weather averages of 60 degrees, 75% humidity, and 24.5 inches of annual precipitation. Mold only needs a minimum of 60% humidity to combine with moisture to breed. Walnut Creek exhibits ideal mold growing conditions.

Walnut Creek, which was first inhabited by the Bolbones Indians, became a Mexican possession before American settlers took over after the Mexican-American war. The area was first named “The Corners” before being changed to Walnut Creek. The city grew at a rapid rate with the construction of a bank, a blacksmith shop, and the first retail center in Contra Costa County. The South Pacific Railroad and BART also have a branch that stops through Walnut Creek.

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Do you suspect mold growth?

Seek professional assistance if you notice a musty odor, know of water damage, or suspect mold growth. Indoor-Restore can provide the necessary visual inspection and mold testing services to aid a resolution.

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Mold can thrive virtually anywhere, at any time, so it is important to have regular mold inspections by a professional mold company, like Indoor-Restore. It takes less than 48 hours for mold to cultivate. Molds can exhibit a multitude of warning signs and symptoms. Strange odors, poor plumbing, mysterious leaks, and conspicuous molds in corners, air vents, and walls are just some of the warning signs you may notice.


You may also be contracting health issues from these molds. Continual allergies, difficulty breathing indoors, or hay fever are symptoms that suggest that there may be existential molds within your property. As soon as you notice these signs and symptoms, contact Indoor-Restore immediately to arrange a mold inspection. It is also strongly recommended that you contact us if you had recent water damage, leaks, or flooding occur.

Our mold inspection services start the entire mold removal procedure. We visually examine the premises, attempt to locate the whereabouts of excessive moisture and leaks, and collect samples for mold testing.

Indoor-Restore provides these mold inspection services:

Mold testing, or the recognition and classification of molds, allergens, and other toxins, is essential in determining which plan of action is the safest and most effective to completely eradicate the mold. We collect surfaces samples by dusting, swabbing, or taping and send the samples to a laboratory to test if there are molds other contaminants on those surfaces. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tests provide additional results. Air samples detect airborne spores that may be contributing to allergies or respiratory problems.

Our mold inspection and mold testing services are customized for your specific situation.

Samples from the air and various surfaces are taken to an independent laboratory for analysis and further testing. The reports of the lab results, as well as suggestions from the mold inspection, will be sent to you. If hazardous mold strains are found present within your property, Indoor-Restore also provides mold removal and remediation services.


Extensively trained and experienced inspectors and technicians are employed by Indoor-Restore to perform the mold inspections and mold tests. Our personnel have backgrounds and degrees in mold, property conservation, and home inspection which broaden our company’s expertise in the mold industry. We guarantee high quality and efficient mold inspection services and mold tests. We value every client and believe in including each client in the mold inspection and mold testing process. All customers receive continual updates from specialized consultants, provided by Indoor-Restore.

Share your concerns with our certified mold consultants!

If you currently reside in the wonderful city of Walnut Creek, and your property is in dire need of mold inspection and mold testing services, please contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Services as soon as possible. You can call our toll-free number or submit an online contact form through our website.

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