Water damage is one of the most common property damage situations that homeowners and property owners face.

A flooded property

These can include pipe leaks, roof leaks, ground flooding, and more. The key to avoiding the worst of water damage situations is acting quickly and wisely, making personal property loss, mold contamination, and serious structural damage less likely.

Water Damage Restoration – repairing property back to its condition before the water damage occurred. By utilizing industry-standard techniques and equipment, our technicians can quickly remove water from the property, as well as eliminate moisture which has permeated within wall and floor cavities.

Some of the water damage and flood damage services we can provide for your property include:

  • Insurance Claims Assistance – We can work directly with your insurance provider to assist with filing your insurance claim.
  • Damage Mitigation & Assessments – To fully understand the extent of damage a property is experiencing, an evaluation is necessary so that the proper resources can be allocated for restoration as soon as possible. This can be either through photos and details or an on-site inspection.
  • Leak Repair – Whether a leaking pipe, a roof leak, or sewage backup, the sources of the moisture that resulted in water damage should be repaired immediately before any restoration is performed.
  • Emergency Water Removal – Severe interior water intrusion such as puddles and deep flood waters may require an additional step in extracting and flushing out excess water from the premises.
  • Dryout & Dehumidification – Succeeding the extraction of excess water, filtration systems, commercial fans, and dehumidifiers may need to be kept running for several days to dry out moisture from the structure.
  • Infrared Thermal Rendering – Can detect hidden locations of water damage, unseen by the naked eye, and extent of the damage.
  • Air Filtering & Decontamination – Mold, water damage, and sewage issues can result in unwanted odors and airborne contaminants. We can install machines can prevent further mold growth and odors indoors.
  • Contents Cleaning – Clothing, appliances, furniture, and other personal items may have been affected by the water damage. We can clean and decontaminate objects such as these.
  • Demolition / Removal – Large sections of building material may need to be removed and discarded depending on the extent of damage to them. This is only performed upon the discretion of the owner and insurance agent (if applicable) for replacement.
  • Anti-bacterial Treatments – Additional treatments after repair and restoration which can prevent future mold growth.

Learn more about our water damage restoration and water extraction services, and how we can assist you in your situation in other ways by contacting our experts at (866) 358-3838 or by submitting an Online Contact Form.

**Restoration provided in select coverage areas**