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The City of Anaheim is Orange County’s most populated city, and with almost perfect weather year round it poses the question: what can be a hidden flaw within the city? The answer is mold.

With a rich history, Anaheim features an endless collection of significant structures in its historic districts. It is appropriate to mention that older properties such as these were built with substandard materials or had brick foundations; common in construction during the 1800’s or early 1900’s, and requires annual mold inspection & mold testing services.

Although it’s been said that builders were excellent in the past, a common but oh-so-often neglected issue discussed is the continuous issue of dry rot. Unaddressed water damage or termite infestations birth dry rot problems in old and even new properties. So whether you live in Anaheim’s The Colony or in the upcoming redevelopment of The Platinum Triangle you should take into consideration that damp building materials and dry rot problems originate from water damage.

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Mold thrives where there is a presence of high levels of moisture content and organic matter. Although Anaheim has remarkable weather, from almost dry winters and hot summers, unknown water damage that is prompted from plumbing problems, intrusion from cracked windows, or damaged roofs provide the perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold spores are in the air we breathe; it is simply a natural part of our environment. Inhaling mold should come as no surprise, but it is when mold spores reach elevated levels that it may trigger health issues and present property damage liability. When mold spores land on surfaces that are damp mold begins to cultivate and reproduce, raising the risk of an unacceptable level of spores in any indoor property. This kind of mold damage can be serious and we recommend mold inspection and mold testing.

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No matter if you’re living in the historic part of Anaheim or a resident of the Southwest neighborhood, old or new properties are susceptible to toxic mold damage. As a resident of this beautiful community of new construction and booming economy, you should be aware and be educated about professional mold inspection and certified mold testing. Many believe that house mold damage can be cleaned with a few sprays of bleach, but let’s be honest that this is simply not the best practice. If certified mold testing & mold inspection is not performed then the mold reappears, becoming a nuisance. Mold growth can create serious mold damage that is hard to properly clean on your own, so with our professionals we can help you identify the issue through our mold inspection and mold testing services.

Rather than finding a solution to the root problem, we tend to let ourselves repeat the act of bleaching the mold. If mold continues to appear on surfaces, it can be implicit of an imbedded problem. This hidden problem, if left unaddressed, can harbor mold that can bring about bad coughs, allergy-like symptoms of watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing or set off asthma attacks. If you or anyone is feeling symptoms for mold damage, inquire about mold inspection and mold testing services. 

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Studies have shown that black mold exposure symptoms vary between individuals; more-so those with immune deficiencies, such as infants and the elderly. The inhalation of mold spores can aggravate the lungs and respiratory tract. Any physical black mold exposure can cause some severe allergic reactions, so it is important that you evade the contaminated area and contact us, Indoor-Restore Environmental Services!

Having served both residents and exclusive clients of hotel chains, we are Anaheim’s most reliable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing and mold inspection company. With 20 years of industry experience, our goal is to provide this city with healthier and breathable indoor environments for you and your family, and visitors.


Indoor-Restore Environmental Services provides mold inspection and mold testing expertise in the Anaheim area and helps investigate plumbing problems, water damaged areas, and any other domain in which moisture can easily infiltrate. We wish to provide all environmental services in relation to your mold problems and causes of mold. As a well-renowned environmental mold inspection and mold testing company in the Anaheim area, Indoor-Restore assures you professionally trained specialists to detect, report, and repair your mold and mildew damage so that you and your loved ones can live longer and healthier.

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