Many classic homes and buildings in Orange, California have a higher chance of a mold infestation due to rain or other property damage variables requiring professional mold inspection and mold testing.


Mold may compromise the quality of your life if left undetected and untreated. The air you breathe might be the reason why you wake up at night feeling stuffy, or have allergies all year around. Breathing in air with elevated mold spores can at times trigger asthma attacks or cause permanent lung damage. It has been said that infants, pregnant women, and the elderly are at a higher health risk when it comes to mold exposure. When breathing poor indoor air quality, it can slowly begin to accumulate into our lungs and enter our bloodstream.

In extreme cases, if one were to continually breathe the moldy air without treatment, it can cause one’s immune system to fall, which can lead to kidney and liver damage. Mold related symptoms such as having trouble breathing have the potential to becoming a chronic disease if not addressed immediately — no one wants that.

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It is highly recommended to get a mold inspection and mold testing done if your property has experienced any type of water damage or you are living/working in an environment dating back prior to 1980. Do not postpone inspections and mold testing if you feel there might be a mold infestation in your private Orange dwelling. If left unaddressed, mold can cause structural damage. Getting an early mold inspection and mold testing can save you time and money.


We here at Indoor-Restore are licensed to perform mold testing and mold inspection. We provide Orange, CA top-notch quality in our mold testing services and are here for you during troubling times. We can detect mold from unseen areas that may be present in your Orange, CA property. Mold can accumulate in places within your walls, behind a cabinetry, or in an attic or crawlspace. Ventilation systems can also be grounds for mold infestation.


Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Complete, detailed report of inspector’s notes and lab results.

When indoor environmental conditions are ideal (humid weather, appropriate temperature, and moisture) mold can start growing within time frame of 24-48 hours. Leaking pipes, leaks under a sink or faucet can all cause molds to cultivate. Even something as simple as leaving a window crack open during the rain, with enough moisture, can cause mold growth. It is best to get your homes, workplaces, and facilities inspected because you never know what kind of mold may be cultivating in your property.

Solving your mold problems early will be more cost efficient than fixing them later.

We offer our diverse mold inspection and mold testing services within Orange and surrounding areas. In our past 20 years of experience, we have dealt all types of mold and mildew problems by detecting, reporting, and solving it. So if you are interested in our mold inspection and mold testing services, feel free to contact us at 1-866-356-8433 or anytime.

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