It’s no secret that the closer a community is to the coast, the more likely it is to experience problems arising from mold infestation that may require mold inspection & mold testing services from Indoor-Restore.

While Garden Grove is not a coastal community, it still sits close enough to the ocean to suffer the types of damage from humidity that all too frequently lead to mold taking root in your home or business. 

With an average humidity that sits in the above 80%, Garden Grove is a prime candidate for mold infestation.

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There’s nothing mold loves more than a moist climate in which to take root and thrive, and worst of all, it often takes hold in the areas that are most difficult to spot. Attics, crawlspaces, garages and alike all make for the perfect breeding ground for mold infestation, and if you’ve experienced any water damage or leakage within the walls of your property, you may already have a problem that you simply cannot see. The Big Strawberry deserves better and Indoor-Restores full range of services can help you get your Garden Grove home or business mold free in no time.

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Indoor-Restore offers a full range of mold infestation services in Garden Grove including mold testing, air quality tests, allergen identification, leak detection, moisture testing, water damage assessments, and comprehensive visual mold inspection.  With our efficient third-party laboratory analysis you can know exactly what your property is contaminated by and receive the correct feedback towards the best course of action for repair and remediation and you can get your home or business back to its pristine state.

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Within Garden Groves long history, stretching all the way back before Orange County’s incorporation in 1889, there are a number of examples of just the kind of problems that allow mold to thrive. From the flood of 1916, when the town was submerged in four feet of water, to the extremely heavy rains of 1933, it isn’t as far-fetched as it might initially seem that water could have damaged your home or business at one point and have


gone unnoticed or unaddressed. With the city’s explosive population growth in the 1950’s and with the construction boom that followed, there’s no shortage of older buildings with their weaker roofs, siding, and window frames through which water can leak, leading to mold infestation. Remember, just because your community boasts a meager 14.35 inches of rainfall a year on average does not mean you’re protected from the ravages of time and water damage.

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With nearly 20 years of industry leading experiencein mold inspection & mold testing practices, you can have the assurance that our licensed mold inspection & mold testing inspectors have the training needed to ensure no issue goes unnoticed. Our inspectors are re-certified annually through the Indoor Environmental Association, and they’re required to complete rigorous and recurring classroom and on-the-job education so that you can be certain that your valuable property is in the right hands.

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After all, the last thing to worry about when you’re trying to enjoy Garden Grove’s annual Strawberry Festival or taking in a delightful show at the Garden Grove Playhouse or Gem Theater is the need for professional mold inspection and mold testing in your home or business.

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In addition to mold testing and identification, our mold inspection specialists can even offer you advice for repairing water leaks and damage so that the problem does not persist, giving you the peace of mind you so thoroughly deserve.

Whether you’re in the north along Katella Avenue or south of the Garden Grove Freeway, awareness of the leading causes of mold growth and vigilance against it are your best bet against the health and property impairment associated with mold infestation. Luckily our expert inspectors from Indoor-Restore Environmental Services are there to assist in identifying problem areas and taking care of mold infestation once they’ve taken hold.

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Mold Inspection & Mold Testing Services in Garden Grove!

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If you suspect that your Garden Grove property might have fallen victim to mold or water damage don’t delay because mold will only grow with time. If you’ve seen evidence of mold growth or other unusual stains that you can’t identify in any area of your property. It commonly means that there are other problem areas around that only a specially trained inspector can find. Also, if you’ve detected a musty, moldy scent but have been unable to identify the source, or if any of your family members or employees

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have experience unexplained medical conditions; don’t wait a minute longer because things will only get worse. Our industries leading mold inspection & mold testing inspectors can and will give you the most thorough mold inspection available. The last thing you want is mycotoxins (a potentially poisonous byproduct of mold growth) to get into your air, so don’t delay; make an appointment with Indoor-Restore Environmental Services to ensure the integrity of your Garden Grove home or business and the health of those who reside there.

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