The Center of Disease Control (CDC) states that over 6.8 million children under 18, across the United States, have chronic asthma disorder, which is in direct correlation to mold, and other indoor allergens.

It is time to shed some light on mold growth that can potentially impair your respiratory system. Mold spores are a natural aspect of our troposphere and its growth serves as an important role in breaking down organic material, more notably in outdoor environs. At Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, we focus on indoor fungal growth. We recognize that moisture and poor air circulation are major contributors for mold to cultivate in any property, old or new, within wall cavities, in attics, or the most commonly noticed growth on bathroom walls. We avail our mold inspection services to all Santa Ana home owners, renters, and landlords to determine if mold spore counts reach elevated levels and assist in locating the primary cause in their properties.

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Our mold inspections include visual assessment, indoor and outdoor air quality testing, and collection of suspect mold that are tested by a third-party, independent laboratory.

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There are many positive aspects to living in Santa Ana.  Besides the impeccable weather, the city is also located just north of the affluent city of Newport Beach.  There is easy beach access and surfing, and hiking adventures up the Santa Ana Trail; which covers a 30 mile stretch of coast line starting from Huntington Beach all the way to the Riverside county line.  Although the positives certainly outweigh the negatives, it is important to address the concerns that many individuals in the community have about residing in this city.






Indoor-Restore’s Mold Inspection Services

Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Complete, detailed report of inspector’s notes and lab results.

Flooding has been a historical concern for this locale, as two significant floods happened that prompted the need for the construction of Prado Dam and Seven Oaks Dam; both now tame the Santa Ana River. Even though the river is controlled, the threat of floods still lingers in the minds of residents. Whether natural, or caused by a broken pipe, water damage to a community, specifically your dwelling, can be devastating. Water can intrude your property attacking wood, damaging appliances, and leaving remnants of its destruction with musty odors or visible patches of mold.


Mold flourishes where there is an existence of moisture and natural materials. Unaddressed water damage caused by a flood or pipe burst allows mold spores to land on moist surfaces which begins the process of reproducing – elevating the risk of an undesirable spore count within the property. Mold exposure can trigger perennial allergic reactions. This may result in tightness in chest, watery eyes, or

congested sinuses just to name a few. A downfall of living in close proximity to a vast body of water is the amount of moisture in the air that can infiltrate into residences. This natural occurrence can seep into crevasses in poorly structured homes or any residential or commercial property. The risk of mold growth is evident and requires professional mold inspection and mold testing services.

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Mold contamination is apparent in Santa Ana. In 2013, The Western Medical Center, located off North Tustin Avenue, released an online health tip for residents on preventative measures to help lower risks associated from mold contact. This was ignited by an increase in health dilemmas sprouting from contaminated air. As a resident, being aware of your dwelling and other buildings and homes you commonly visit will empower you to be aware of the symptoms that can occur from poor indoor air quality.

As a city that promotes 'positive development of young people', influential leaders, residents, and other supportive officials should know that mold problems inside a homre or school can affect children more so than adults due to their developing lungs.

Indoor-Restore has been offering our expertise and mold inspection services for over 20 years across California. We have had the privilege of serving the residents of Santa Ana, and we recognize the concerns of the community. We execute industry-standard procedures to visually assess the property, collect samples of any suspect contamination, provide third-party laboratory results, and expedite a detailed mold report with the inspector’s findings and suggestions for mediating issues, if any. As a renowned environmental mold inspection company in the Santa Ana area, it is our desire to provide our services to you. We employ professionally trained mold inspection specialists to detect, report, and repair your mold and mildew problems so that you and your loved ones can live life to the fullest, without mold-related problems.

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