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California is famous for quite a few things; it comes with the territory of being one of the country’s largest states. From majestic mountains to stunning ocean vistas, there’s not much we don’t have. But when it comes to what we do best, you can’t beat the fact that California is the place where “dreams come true,” and no one provides that world known statement better than the City of Anaheim. Unfortunately, other things might be growing in Anaheim other than the dreams of children and adults; your home or business might be cultivating mold, and worst of all, you may not even know it.

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If there’s one thing mold loves and needs, it’s a moist, warm environment in which to take hold and flourish. Unfortunately, the factors that make Anaheim prime territory for attracting travelers also attracts mold infestation; when a source of moisture is present. With an average temperature that sits right around 80 degrees, and nearly 14 inches of rain each year, there’s plenty of humidity and opportunity for water to seep into the walls of your property and cause the kind of rot and damage that leads inexorably to mold infestations.

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But have no fear; Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is there to get your Anaheim, CA home or business back to its pristine state, free of mold and water damage. We’re proud to offer the finest in licensed mold removal and mold remediation by our industry leading specialists who are trained year-round in the latest mold mitigation and assessment techniques. We boast a variety of services including leak detection and repair, water damage assessment and mitigation, and black mold removal and toxic mold remediation, to name a few.

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We even feature a five step mold removal and mold remediation protocol for dealing with every problem that may arise: first we contain and quarantine the affected areas before utilizing HEPA filtration and negative pressure vacuum to remove any and all spores from the air. Next we remove and properly dispose of any damaged materials so not a trace of mold is left behind to reproduce. Next we treat the affected area with hospital grade biocide, or green treatment, to kill any remaining mold spores prior to decontamination of the surrounding areas. 

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Lastly, we seal the work area with anti fungal encapsulate to prevent any future mold growth and provide clearance testing to ensure your home or business is completely free from any contaminants, both on surfaces and in the air. Best of all, our work is backed up by a 10 year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your Anaheim property is defended from the worst, by the best.

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If you’ve noticed a musty, moldy scent around your property or identified mold inside your home or business, don’t wait another minute; Indoor-Restore can be there to offer you the mold removal and mold remediation advice, solutions and services you need to ensure the health and safety of your Anaheim property and those around you.

Anaheim is a special place with a spirit and character all its own. Nowhere will you find a city that welcomes millions of visitors yearly within the vicinity of Disneyland Resort and theme parks that brings smiles and excitement. That’s why we offer nothing but the best and most professional mold removal and licensed mold remediation service to help you deal with any mold and water damage before it becomes a true threat. So don’t delay; call Indoor-Restore Environmental Services today if you suspect your property might be subject to a mold infestation in your Anaheim, CA property.

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