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Orange is known for its old-time charm. Founded in the late 1800s, Orange takes pride in its old homes that were constructed back then. However, since Orange is located on the coast of California, a continual influx of moisture circulates throughout the city and can seep into the homes. This moisture, mixed with the city’s average humidity of 80%, can trigger the cultivation of mold spores. Older homes are more susceptible to moisture infiltration, but all properties are still exposed to the same amount of moisture, which can cause water damage. In turn, water damage can provoke mold growth. Mold can form in any space within the property, but are most commonly found behind walls and cupboards, under floorings, and in crawlspaces.

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If these areas are left untreated, mold growth can cause serious hazards. Mold damages your property and your health. Your property’s infrastructure can deteriorate greatly; weak walls and roofs are more likely to collapse during earthquakes, which California is susceptible to. Prolonged exposure to mold spores and allergens can lead to weakened immune systems or infections. Molds can also release poisonous mycotoxins, which, if ingested, can instigate respiratory problems. To prevent any serious injuries or damage caused by molds we highly recommend mold removal and remediation after an inspection identifies and detects that mold is present.


Indoor-Restore’s removal and remediation process begins with the assessment of your property based on the estimate report. We assess the premises for any additional signs of mold and check for any strange odors. The objective of the reassessment is to determine the locations of moisture problems and water damage that could be initiating mold growth.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services provides state-of-the-art apparatus and extensively trained staff to perform mold removal and remediation services. Our treatments are specially catered to your property and are safe and reliable. Our main objective is to eliminate all molds from the premises. In order to ensure that the mold will not return, Indoor-Restore follows a strict five-step protocol. This protocol includes the following stages:


Controlling all contaminated areas and utilizing a HEPA filtration to trap and remove mold spores and allergens circulating in the air
Discarding all infected and damaged material from the area
Treating moldy areas with biocide to disinfect and prevent future mold growth
Applying a special anti-fungal encapsulate to the remaining surfaces
Decontaminating the work area one final time to guarantee complete remediation

Indoor-Restore also offers air and surface sampling after remediation. Clearance samples are sent to a third-party laboratory for the official declaration that all molds have successfully been removed and remediated.

We value all our clients and treat each case with care by sending certified consultants to explain and continually update each client about the remediation process. In addition to professionally trained staff and specialized equipment and procedures, Indoor-Restore offers a 10-year warranty on any mold remediation service to all clients, guaranteeing that molds removed and remediated by Indoor-Restore will not return.Other remediation services such as deodorization and anti-fungal treatments are also offered.

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