Like all cities, Arcadia, CA residents and business owners need to deal with the possibility of mold growing inside the structure of their buildings. The need for professional mold inspection and mold testing is vital.

Arcadia, California is listed in “Best Places to Raise Your Kids” by Bloomburg Businessweek, which compliments the city motto “Community of Homes.” With an outstanding school system and plenty of residential family-oriented neighborhoods, Arcadia is home to 57,497 people as of 2012.

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Located about 13 miles from Los Angeles, there are plenty of great things to do in the surrounding Arcadia area. However, the city itself offers a wonderful variety of attractions making certain there is something for everyone to enjoy. A vibrant retail area offers shopping excursions to those in need of home improvement items, food and beverages, self-care products, and much more. Take a trip to the local mall or stroll along Huntington Drive, Live Oak Avenue, or Baldwin Avenue to browse and shop at the many different stores.

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One of the greatest attractions in Arcadia is the Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanical Garden. This historic location is a joy to visit as the air fills up with the sweet scent of the many different varieties of flowers, while exploring the artwork, architecture, waterfalls, and wildlife.

The people of Arcadia not only benefit from many great things to do, they enjoy a mild climate most of the year. It rains about 34 days out of the year with an average yearly rainfall of 17.4 inches, which is less than 50 percent of the national average. The sun shines an average of 287 days out of the year which makes spending time outdoors a popular past time. The average low in January is only 41.6 degrees and the average high in July is 89.

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The city sits at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains with direct access to many miles of hiking trails like the Pacific Crest Trail that offer up breathtaking views. The beach is a mere 35 mile drive for those who enjoy splashing in the Pacific Ocean.

With so much beauty and sunshine, it is no wonder that many films, or scenes, have been shot on location in Arcadia including: Fantasy Island, Seabiscuit, North, and Matilda to name only a few. However, there is one presence in Arcadia that is not appreciated – mold.

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If, mold is growing unseen, or seen, in an enclosed space, it can damage wood, sheetrock, and many other building sections. However, it is when mold spores are inhaled that it can cause the most serious affliction. Comprehensive mold inspection and certified mold testing is highly recommended in situations as such. 

When mold spores are breathed into a person’s lungs they can cause a broad spectrum of problems including minor breathing issues to severe respiratory problems. The highest risk individuals typically suffer from a compromised immune system, asthma, or some other respiratory disease. To ensure mold does not endanger the quality of life to people in the home or office, it is important to make certain the building does not have any pockets of moisture by having a visual mold inspection and suspect mold testing done.

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Mold thrives in an atmosphere with high humidity. Often, people do not know they have areas where water has leaked or accumulated in their building, and these locations can host a rain forest of mold growth. Sometimes, such areas go unnoticed and hidden for years; all the while, breaking down building components and contaminating the air. Environments like these often have to have professional mold inspection and mold testing done more often to ensure the environment is inhabitable.


Mold-friendly environments commonly result from leaking pipes, roof leaks, or other problems such as poorly sealed bathroom fixtures or flooring. A burst pipe, or comparable flooding event, is an example of a problem that needs to be addressed by thoroughly cleaning up the water and thoroughly, drying any and all items that may retain moisture. A small leak, such as a roof leak, or pipe leak within the walls, can go unnoticed for long periods of time and often pose the greatest health, and building damage, risk. To decrease health risks, mold testing and professional mold inspection is best done when there are any concerns of mold growth.

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Anytime moisture remains unchecked within a building, the risk of mold contamination is greatly increased. If such conditions are suspected, it is important to deal with the problem appropriately and ensure things are not made worse by managing the issue poorly. The easiest and best solution is to contact certified professionals for mold testing and mold inspection. It is important to remember that mold spores are airborne, and invisible to the naked eye, which means to check the air special sampling equipment is needed to check for spores. Additionally, the clean-up process needs to be performed by trained professionals to eliminate the chance of cross contamination.

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Indoor-Restore’s certified mold testing inspectors understand and implement state-of-the-art procedures to identify and remove mold from buildings. We are Arcadia’s clean-air specialists, and our goal is for you and your family to breathe clean, contaminate-free, air.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a cutting-edge Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing, mold testing and mold inspection firm with over twenty years of experience. For more information about our company and our mold testing and mold inspection services reserved for Arcadia, CA residents please contact us today.

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