Indoor-Restore Environmental Services in Artesia, California is your excellent source for mold removal and mold remediation services.

With Interstate 91 intersecting Artesia, fast-paced freeway traffic and unhealthy pollution are nearby. This is a typical concern of the greater Los Angeles area, which has some of the worst air quality in the country.  Artesia’s mission statement of “Service Builds Tomorrow’s Progress” can perhaps be applied to its local businesses, such as Indoor-Restore Environmental Services.

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Mold Removal and Remediation

Because of its step- by- step process and the potential for a health hazard to exist, mold removal should be attempted by a professional company, such as ours.

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Artesia, California, aptly named for the extensive flowing Artesian wells in the area, had ample water to house citizens starting in the late 1800’s. Indeed, the first school district was established in 1875, and a village was established upon its completion. Almost 100 years ago, this area developed one of the most vital dairy industries in Southern California. However, like many California cities, its agricultural roots are hardly recognized today. Artesia is now an eclectic mix of many nationalities, located at the southeast entrance to the greater Los Angeles basin. Almost half of the population is foreign-born. 

Beyond the concern of ‘worst air quality’, there are other environmental concerns that residents face which include: indoor air quality, water purity, and mold. As local businesses in Artesia, such as ours, provide environmental support to the city, it ensures a bright future for the city.

Our company specializes in complete mold removal and expert mold remediation. The process of mold remediation is very detailed, and when thoroughly done, is completely effective. Because of its step-by-step process and the potential for a health hazard to exist, mold removal should be attempted by a professional company, such as ours. Indoor-Restore will first carry out a comprehensive inspection of the property

The inspection will target obvious mold colonies, potential hidden mold-infested areas, and even gather evidence of high concentrations of mold spores in the air. When laboratory tests confirm the presence of mold, and plans and prices are confirmed, the mold removal and mold remediation work will begin. It is important that the area to be treated is sealed off from other unaffected areas. 


We do this by containing the work area in plastic and a vacuum is created. A HEPA filter is installed which will trap any airborne mold spores. Once the area is in this contained state, the mold removal and licensed mold remediation process begins where the material will be removed. This may include carpeting, drywall, lumber, insulation, and any other host material. 

HEPA vacuuming will ensure that any remaining mold spores are eliminated, especially from the air. A biocide, or anti-fungal, treatment will be applied to remaining surfaces to kill any unseen mold on these surfaces. Once the air in the work area is pure and biocide is applied, an encapsulant sealer is painted on surfaces which were touching or near the removed mold-tainted areas, such as wall studs or cavities behind walls. This encapsulation process provides a moisture-resistant barrier and contains additives which inhibit future mold growth. Another decontamination step is performed over the entire work area, which includes more HEPA vacuuming and biocide treatments. When all these steps are complete, samples of air and surface swabbing will be sent to the lab for confirmation of mold-free conditions. Indoor-Restore takes pride in completing all the necessary mold removal and mold remediation steps to ensure that your Artesia spaces are ready for healthy living.

We completely clean up our work areas and provide you with a Certificate of Clearance. This is your document to ensure that your property is covered under our ten-year warranty of mold-free conditions in the treated area. (given any moisture problems were taken care of which may have caused the mold to grow).

We hope you will give us a try, when it becomes necessary for you to completely, and permanently, address a mold situation in your Artesia, California home or workplace. If you have any more questions regarding mold removal or mold remediation, please feel free to contact us. 

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