It’s official.  The report from Indoor-Restore Environmental Services confirms what you suspected ever since you spotted the ominous looking dark spot inside your Bell home.  Mold. What’s next? Mold removal and mold remediation!

Indoor-Restore is the company to take care of any mold problem; whether you live in Bell, California over by Salt Lake State Park, or down by the L.A. River.   Indoor-Restore is a leader in mold removal, environmental contaminant control, and mold remediation with 20 years of experience and a team of experts.  We know how to properly remove the mold, or fungus, and keep it from coming back, all supported by our ten-year warranty.


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Mold Removal & Remediation

Our company offers both mold inspections, laboratory testing, and mold abatement services.

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Now that it is official, you may feel like you can tackle the mold removal or mold remediation yourself.  After all, you’ve done maintenance around the house for years and what harm can come from taking out the mold and tossing it in the trash?  Turns out, there can be plenty of harm done and doing the mold removal and mold remediation yourself can make matters worse.  Much worse.

Mold contains spores that are released when disturbed, and those almost invisible spores deposit themselves in new areas around your home and possibly in your, and your family’s, lungs.   Doesn’t sound pretty because it isn’t.  New mold can take hold where the spores were deposited, including right back where the problem began.  Spores in the air, and breathed into the lungs, can cause respiratory problems ranging from congestion and a hacking cough, to asthma-like reactions in those individuals who are susceptible.


And you won’t know who is susceptible until it happens.  Treating the mold with bleach and water only masks the problem, because mold hides under the surface and will continue to grow. 

Spreading the mold spores around, thereby creating more moldy areas, and self-treating only a portion of the mold, allowing it to grow larger under the surface, can be a costly mistake.  Larger problems are always more expensive to fix than smaller problems, so in this case, it is almost always better to act and to not delay.

Indoor-Restore remediates the affected areas with a five-step remediation protocol to ensure the mold is handled properly to protect you and your family, and our protocol guarantees mold doesn't come back.


The five steps during mold removal and mold remediation:

Step 1: Containment

Step 2: Negative air pressure vacuum and HEPA filtration

Step 3: Removal of affected materials

Step 4: Biocide treatment and encapsulation

Step 5: Clearance mold testing backed by our 10 year warranty

This is how each step is accomplished:

Containment keeps the spores from infecting other areas, people, or pets.  Thick plastic sheets and strong tape create a bubble around the contaminated area.
A negative pressure area is created within the containment area using a fan and a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter to draw air out of the containment area and out of your home.  The HEPA filter takes the spores out of the air before the air is released into the outdoor environment.
The affected material is removed by Indoor-Restore mold removal experts and placed into special hazardous materials bags and sealed up.  The bags are then disposed of according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations at certified disposal sites.
After mold removal, our team treats the entire containment area with biocide to kill any remaining spores that could be released after the plastic walls are removed.  We also may use a sealant to encapsulate wall cavities that have been exposed during material removal.  As you can see, we are thorough.
Finally, clearance testing is done to look for any mold or fungus that may have eluded our best efforts.  This ensures a clean area and allows us to provide that 10-year warranty

All along the way, our certified mold removal and mold remediation consultants are there to answer any questions you may have and to keep you updated on progress.  Indoor-Restore also offers repair and restoration of your home to bring it back to its former glory.  We can also help guide you through the insurance process with your insurer to help ensure out-of-pocket costs are kept to a minimum.

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Mold removal and mold remediation, as you can see, is best left to a local Bell, CA company that has the experience and the tools to do the job right.   Indoor-Restore, highly rated by the BBB – Better Business Bureau, is just that company.

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