A high-class community such as Beverly Hills deserves nothing but the best in mold inspection and mold testing services.

Residents should not fear contaminants in their homes and business owners should not have to worry that their customers might be threatened by the contaminants mold gives off, especially considering the reputation of and traffic to businesses in the area.

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From the famous Beverly Hills Hotel to Rodeo Drive, the city teems with history, luxury and high-class accoutrements that are as seductive as they are pricey. Indeed, the very name has become synonymous with higher living, an ideal reflected in the city’s nickname, the “Garden Spot of the World.”

That being said, its rich history does not make the Hills immune from the risks posed by mold infestation; in fact, with its many old homes, even the downright iconic ones such as Pickfair, the possibility for mold growth is actually increased since older homes tend to be hotbeds for accumulated water damage, which can lead to undetected and unabated mold growth, especially behind walls, in crawlspaces and in attics. The larger the home (and many homes in the 90210 are just that) the more room there is for mold to take root.


Luckily, the expert technicians and inspectors at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services specialize in just the kind of mold inspection and mold testing services that can ensure that your Beverly Hills home or business remains mold-free. Our nearly 20 years of industry leading experience in mold inspection and mold testing has made Indoor-Restore the best in mold inspection and mold remediation, and we offer a full complement of services to ensure that your problem is dealt with in a manner befitting the stately manors that dot the Beverly Hills landscape.

It doesn't take much moisture to set the stage for a mold infestation, and when combined with a temperature that averages between 67 and 79 degrees, the conditions are just right. There's nothing mold loves more than a moist, warm environment in which to thrive.

We offer mold testing for both surfaces and air (airborne mold spores can be hazardous to health, if not downright toxic), indoor air quality testing for airborne allergens, leak detection and moisture testing, which is the leading cause of mold infestation.  Furthermore, our inspectors boast the finest training around, undergoing annual re-certification and training in addition to on-the-job training and recurring classroom education. We even use the latest infrared and thermal imaging tools to offer the most thorough mold inspection and mold testing possible of your property to ensure any trouble spots are detected.


Areas such as Beverly Hills, which only sees an average of 18 to 20 inches of rain per year, are no less susceptible to the kinds of water damage that mold needs to thrive, and in fact may be more susceptible, especially if your property is older, was constructed using sub-par building materials, or just happens to feature a few small cracks in the walls, roof or foundation.

Ensure that your property gets nothing but the best mold inspection and mold testing by contacting Indoor-Restore today. It’s never a bad time to ensure that Beverly Hills, CA property is protected from mold. And if you’ve noticed small patches of water damage, detected a moldy or musty scent or observed mold growing on the exterior of your property, don’t wait another minute; mold can begin to take hold within 48 hours of any damage. Your best course of action is to take action today so you can get the best mold inspection and mold testing, assessment and remediation advice and services available.

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